My Montreal’s 150th Anniversary’s Trip PART I:

As odd as it seems as an International traveler and a New York city semi-permanent resident, I had actually not returned to Montreal since my youth…! “-Why so…?” Some my ask themselves… The answer is quite simple… I have been traveling to and have lived in other places overseas situated in Europe, Africa, Central America, the Caribbean and even in several other states within the U.S…. Also, I think that many might agree that the closer another country geographically is from another and the more often, we strongly believe that we have all the time to visit it… Be it a country, a site, a landmark or a monument… I however did not wish to miss Montreal’s 150th Anniversary’s Celebration and as I in fact was in my city of residence: New York city for a couple of months, I booked my round-trip ticket and affordable stay as soon as I could… :)!

My youth and childhood memories of this multi-cultural city (with an estimated population of 1.75 million inhabitants), were therefore buried deeply within the shelves and cabinets of my mind. As my flight landed at The Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, I felt a sort of adventurous exciting rush to being back at last on Canadian soil after such a long hiatus :)!

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