MY MONTREAL TRIP PART V Au-Revoir Montreal…😋! Good-Bye Montreal 😋!

Leaving Montreal was most definitely bitter sweet… Indeed, as I took the public bus, to take advantage of Montreal’s and its outskirts’ scenery for one last time (as I had secured myself a daytime flight departure) on my return trip after not having come back to North America’s Number One’s French-English bilingual city, I felt a litle tight knot getting even tighter in my throat as I had absolutely no idea on when I would travel to Canada and most particularly to Charming Montreal once again… My return trip to celebrate Montreal’s 150th Anniversary was absolutely perfect as well as its weather…:)! My bright shining star was one hundred percent with me…! My stay at Montreal’s quite affordable Y Hotel and its two front lobby clerk-receptionists, was very agreeable… I thoroughly enjoyed taking my time strolling around the different neighborhoods and taking the very clean and spotless subway (as opposed to my city of semi-residence: New York City…)! As I passed the Canadian customs, boarded on my return flight, fastened my seatbelt and settled in my window view passenger’s seat (always my preference whenever possible), flashbacks of my stay came dashing through the screen of my mind… As my flight departed the Canadian soil, I just could not help myself to sigh out loud while finding my face leaning closely against the airplane’s glass window before falling steadfastly asleep until once again landing at John F. Kennedy’s International airport in the Big Apple: my longtime city of residence… Where I would shortly be planning for a new trip and travel destiny for which to depart in the next couple of months…

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