My Montreal 150th Anniversary’s Trip:

…It just happened that my airport taxi driver was a part-time cab driver and a full time free-lance professional computer analyst who stated to me, to actually own five passports from five different countries, naturally…! …He also stated what countries and how he acquired his five citizenships: by birth in Australia (1), from his parents being of different nationalities (2 & 3), having lived for many years in France (4) and having relocated to Canada and marrying a Canadian many years ago (5)… He was actually the 2nd person in my life ever, that I had met who truly legally possessed three different citizenships… (The first person I had met was one of my sisters and my own high school friend). I generously tipped my chatty non Uber taxicab driver ( I am unfortunately or fortunately also known as a pretty generous tipper by my close friends and relatives) who dropped me off across from my more than affordable place of residence for the following five days: “The Montreal Y Hotel” , which is located at the very center of downtown Montreal next to the Show District near several luxury hotels on the Rene Levesque Boulevard and just a few blocks’ walking to the internationally known Rue Sainte Catherine with all of its fashionable boutiques, restaurants and terrasse cafes….! As a side note and as I have been often asked this question, I carefully usually select my lodging according to the geographical location in which I will be staying, the amount of time I will be there, whether it is a large or small city, a town, village etc; (as I customarily will choose a more centered lodging if in a large city: Europe, North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Africa) as it will be easier and more accessible for me to come and go as I please by foot or public transportation at anytime of the day and at a fairly reasonable time at night. In the Caribbean, Latin America and/or Africa (the regions and continents I have so far lived and traveled to), I tend to choose a five star rated hotel in the capital city except for when I spend several days away from the city… I then prefer to stay at a local bed and breakfast or residential lodging, to contribute to the local economy. I however am not one to downplay the extra comforts of chain hotels and luxury resorts as the staff in these hotels are locals as well and staying there, most definitely contributes to their salaries and extra tips)! …It is therefore up to each to assess what type of lodging is best suited for them, for the geographical place in the world they are traveling to, who are they traveling with, the circumstances of their travels and more importantly; what is the safest for them (considering today’s world’s state of affairs… 😞! 😞! 😞!

I must state here that my impression of Montreal’s International airport after all of these years of not having returned was that it was much more organized and welcoming than JFK’s (as everyone who has traveled through JFK, is quite shocked at the reception one receives upon arrival, regardless whether one is an actual citizen, resident or foreign visitor by the non-Customs’ staff but the airport’s staff) and its employees (including Customs’). …As I checked in at the Hotel Y of Montreal with the very pleasant front lobby bilingual receptionist-clerk, did my rounds in my room to make sure that everything was okay, I jumped into tbe shower, changed and as it was still daytime outside, I ventured for my first Montreal walk with my camera in tow after asking for general directions to the same pleasant front lobby receptionist I had left an hour and so ago… 😞!😞!😞!

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