My Montreal’s 150th Anniversary Celebration’s Trip

…”La Rue Sainte Catherine”/The Rue Sainte Catherine…! …A mixture of Provincial France, New York City, Boston or Chicago with its very own intermixity of a multitude of cultures, nationalities and Quebec’s as well as North America’s largest cosmopolitan bilingual city… Where French and English are equally spoken and where furthermore, one hears other languages: Spanish, German, Swedish, Arabic, Mandarin, Cantonese, Urdu, Bengali, Creole, Lingala, Swahili, Amharic etc; due to the proximity of several of its universities, accepting thousands of freshmen and transferring students worldwide every year… …The Rue Sainte Catherine…! …With its constant bubbling wave of international tourists and national visitors, lining up for the different bus tour companies and/or simply strolling throughout the equivalent of New York City’s downtown Soho with its luxury fashion designer high end boutiques and chain clothing stores as well as its quaint and fasionable trendy cafes, restaurants, lounges, bars and jazz clubs…! …The “Rue Sainte Catherine…!” …Where one has a wide selection and choice of foods…! Indeed, one day one can choose to eat Cuban food and another day: some Vietnamese and/or some Chinese food and another day as of yet, some Indian or Thai food and still again: some French or some Italian food on another day…! …The “Rue Sainte Catherine”…! …Where one can stroll at anytime of day or night… This, most particularly: in the Sumner, Spring and Fall seasons where the outside temperatures are warm enough to not have to go to Montreal’s vast Underground City’s shopping center… Even if one is solely visiting Montreal for one or two days, The “Rue Sainte Catherine” should most definitely part of one’s itinerary… This, I do oh so guarantee… :)!

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