Similar to millions of other New Yorkers and non-New Yorkers, I will NEVER forget where I was when the first terrorist airplane hit the second twin tower…! …As it has since been reported that only the people living across and or the everyday morning New Yorkers’ passers-by witnessed the first Terrorist Crash without realizing what was truly going on… Everyone in the world who was at least a teenager and who sadly had no relatives victims of the close to 3,000 officially reported ones, most certainly has a clear rememberance of exactly where they were when they heard the devastating news of the second airplane crashing right into the second twin tower… And moreso, for the younger ones; about their parents’ shocked reactions… As Manhattan-New York has been my city of residence for the past fifteen or so years I have many friends, relatives, acquaintances and direct biological relatives: of whom one of my sisters who presently lives in New Jersey with my two adorable nieces… My little nieces were however not yet born sixteen years ago and my sister and I, actually lived together in Manhasset-Long Island as she was finishing her medical residency at what was then called: Manhasset North Shore Hospital… I, myself was visiting one of my college girlfriends in Maryland as I had a break and took several days off for the U.S Labor week-end Holiday… My friend had left for work since she, herself was not off… This was the beginning of the week: Tuesday September 11th, 2001…! It is simply unbelievable how time flies by and how the first major 21st Century U.S. Attack will absolutely not tangibly mean much to many present newborns or children who are the same age as my twin nieces… Aside from being a Historical event just like my generation when we were forced to memorize WWII or the Vietnam War’s important dates to pass our history exams and class…!

…As I was getting ready for my daily physical work-out exercice prior to fixing myself breakfast, my friend called me from her then company… This was unusual as I was the one to call her once I had finished my work-out and after I had showered in order for us to reconvene and to confirm what our plans were for the evening once her work day had ended… And where we would meet in downton Washington D.C as Maryland is really close to D.C, driving wise… Well, at least she was… I did not even have the time to wish her “Good Morning” as she gently commanded me to turn on the television and watch the news… At that time, she worked for a very well known Accounting & Finance Firm, which was one of the very first to in D.C. to have flat televisions throughout the company for all employees to view from their office cubicle spaces with an open floor plan. (Today, most if not all U.S. financial & accounting firms have these flat television screen sets in order for their employees to keep tabs with the world’s global financial markets). ….I therefore turned on one of the national daily news’channels or morning shows I regularly still watch (I just cannot remember which one but if my memory does not fail me, I strongly believe that all of the U.S. channels (including MTV, VH1, the E channel and BET, etc…); were covering this tragedy happening live… And like millions of people throughout the four corners of the world, there it was… :(! :(! 😦 ! I too, was just witnessing the second plane crash into the second tower at 9:30 a.m. precisely…! …And I heard the two morning reporters silent in bewilderment just like most of us were silent and bewildered behind our t.v. screens…!!! …Not at all neither knowing and/nor realizing what literally on earth was going on…! I can only still imagine how frantic the morning show producers, chief reporters and editors were on that day… Attempting to make sense of what was truly going on and at the same tine, having to tell their newscasters and reporters to keep on commenting and remaining reasonably calm while we were all experiencing the tragic historical 9/11 Twin Towers’ Terrorist Attacks…! Many of them quivered in sadness and some even shed a couple of tears via live… As this was most certainly an event ABSOLUTELY NO ONE had thought to be humanly conceivable and possible with the worldwide international reputation of both: the FBI & the CIA knowing EVERYTHING happening throughout the four corners of our world… But it did tragically happen…! And New York City, the U.S.A, the entire world for that matter were absolutely shaken forever with that deeply ingrained pre-conceived thought since watching all those popular Secret Agent movies and shows starting in our early childhood that the United States of America was absolutely Invincible to Foreign Terrorism… :(! As my friend and I were still on the phone: silent and bewildered attentively listening to the reporters, the South Tower collapsed right in front of our television screens at 9:59 a.m…!!! The next images that the world saw, were: frantic, confused, panicked New Yorkers running for their lives out of the North Tower with white powder and debris all over them…! Some severely bleeding…. Others, sustaining each other… Under the direction of the New York Police Department (NYPD), officers from all of the Upper and the Lower Manhattan’s Districts as well as the city’s brave firemen from the FDNY Battalion Number #6… (Who were the first ones to arrive and of whom: 343 firefighters sadly lost their lives and as well count amongst the thousands of other victims…), were seen rushing to save thousands of human lives away from the flames… After hearing the word: “Terrorist Attack” pronounced for the very first time through the television screen by one of the morning reporters, I finally managed to mumble to my friend via phone (as we were still dumbfounded, stunned and silent on both ends) that I had to call my sister and my oldest niece who was a pre-teen then…. And even though I knew that being an early week-day in September, they most probably were nowhere to be seen in Downtown Manhattan and neither near the Twin Towers as we resided in Long Island; I nonetheless thought about all of my close friends, acquaintances, co-workers and employers who commuted to and/or worked around there… A relative would later inform my sister and I that he had scheduled an important business meeting appointment on that fatal tragic day but the person he was supposed to meet just abruptly canceled on him late in the evening prior on 9/10… It is needless to write here, that I stayed glued in front of the 9/11 Terrorism Attacks’ Coverage for that entire day and on my cell phone, making phone calls to my New York friends as well as to my long distance friends and International people to reassure them that my sister, niece and I were nowhere near the Twin Towers…

For that entire week, my friend and I were almost speechless… …Even with each other as similar to the entire world, we were so utterly and terribly shocked and dumbfounded by the 9/11 attacks and as it directly hit home to me…! I also was glued talking on the phone during the day and night, to any of my NYC friends and relatives I could get a hold of throughout my last week in D.C. We would furthermore soon learn that on that very fatal day an airplane carrying another terrorist had crashed in Pennsylvania (the state my friend and I met as we attended college in that very state) and another one yet: American Airlines’ 77 had crashed into one the Pentagon’s western wings… Before returning to the heavily mourning Big Apple ten days later, my friend and I somberly drove through the Pentagon’s Memorial zone in D.C. where the smell of bomb fumes and debris could still very much be heavily smelled from the car and through our nostrils…! This, despite Even the window doors up and the car’s air conditioner’s on…!

…I have just recently visited the 9/11 Memorial Site downtown last Summer with friends, located a few minutes’ walking from Wall Street… It is quite reassuring to see that thousands of New York City residents, U.S. Nationals & Foreign Tourists of ALL age, race, nationality, social class and walks of life come to visit the 9/11 Memorial Site, to first pay their Respect to all of the almost 3,000 victims who innocently lost their lives to Incoherence and “Free” Hatred… But also for me, to All Victims who tragically loose their lives to Un-invited Tragic Violence…! Sixteen years have just gone by on Monday September 11th, 2017 as I am writing my memories of that horrendous, extremely tragic day… Many other Terrorist Tragic Attacks have since sadly occurred throughout the four corners of our world… And no adult is presently naive enough to think that it cannot happen in their very own “backyards…!” (This is a figure of speech). -Must we nonetheless live our every day lives in Terror & Fear…??? Absolutely not…! All those of us who are Spiritually, Emotionally & Mentally Sane MUST THRIVE to ALWAYS seek for Internal Peace, Serenity and Harmony. We MUST furthermore do our very best to EMPOWER as many people as we possibly can to do the very same…! …And seek Comfort and Love amongst our most Cherished Ones…

…For though there is Much Hatred, Injustice, Violence and Pain in our hereby world, there is also Much, Much, Much Goodness, Humanity, Generosity and Love strangely co-existing with each other at the very same time… And this is what I personally profoundly, outmostly believe! I therefore adamantly, consciously choose through every single new day that I am granted, to breathe and feed myself with these three above essential notions… Yes, indeed! NO ONE will take away my profoundly ingrained notions of: the Goodness of Humanity, Generosity, Positivity, Spirituality and Love… And it is truly these essential core notions that I choose to carry within the depths of my heart and soul as I continue to travel and discover the world, its people from multiple cultures, nationalities, creed, backgrounds, race and religions…!




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