I just CANNOT write about Puerto Plata’s Fortaleza without going into not only The Dominican Republic’s HISTORY but I MUST go into: The European Crusades’, Expeditions’ and Colonization’s HISTORY as much as I MUST go into its Sister Neighbour’s: Haiti’s History as well! This, as both long lived histories are and will ALWAYS BE DIRECTLY CONNECTED FOREVER for these two Caribbean islands were once ONE and the VERY SAME NATION!!!  Indeed, unbeknownst to many who have NEVER studied LA ISLA HISPANIOLA’S HISTORY and/or are furthermore not really interested to study either countries’ histories, many Dominicans and Haitians (not simply the intellectual social class) on the other hand, know LA ISLA HISPANIOLA’S story ALL MORE THAN WELL…!!!  My very hope for these two BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE, therefore is NOT to LOOK at each other’s NEGATIVE parts of their histories but because they are the ONLY TWO CONNECTED Caribbean SISTER ISLAND NATIONS (as the other next closer islands: Jamaica, Cuba, The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos’ as well as recently devastated Puerto Rico tragically caused by hurricane Irma; are all disconnected islands, which stand in the middle of the Caribbean ocean on their very own…)!  As a result, my trip to Puerto Plata’s “Fortaleza” is most definitely intricately linked and connected to LA ISLA HISPANIOLA’S history! Indeed, in order for one to understand the story of “LA ISLA HISPANIOLA” which was initially called “LA ISLA ESPANOLA” by its Spanish Colonizers and which was then the second largest island within the Caribbean region after Cuba, one MUST GO all the way back to the history books in the 15th Century…! …As we now know that the Italian explorer: Christopher Columbus was more “LOST” than anything else with his financially sponsored expedition by King Ferdinand of Spain in 1492, according to the research. This, even though Christopher Columbus was from the port city of Genoa in Italy. He had effectuated several expeditions in the African continent and in the Americas, where he had almost lost his life and had to return to Europe, to recover prior to his new venture. The real story of his new ship’s expedition states that his expedition was actually en route to Asia through the western oceanic route as the explorer wished to avoid crossing with the middle eastern explorers, who were at that time numerous and bountiful throughout the eastern part of the ocean.  The Asian continent in those days, were perceived and considered as “The Mecca” of gold, spices and silk as well as opiates…!!!  Opiates in those days, were highly sought after by European doctors as they were known by the Chinese traditional holistic healers, to soothe and cure certain severe ailments that modern European medicine of that time could not…!!!  Sidebar Note: Isn’t it just bizarre and strange how history truly tends to repeat itself history after history after history…???!!!

….The Italian born: Christopher Columbus’ supposedly arrived to the island in winter (the month of December out of all other months) of 1492, which his expedition crew and himself, initially referred to “LA ISLA HISPANOLA” as “LA ISLA ESPANOLA…”, which literally means: The SPANISH ISLAND in English! This makes absolute sense, since Christopher Columbus’ crew was actually financed and sponsored by the kingdom of Spain..!!! …Somewhere, somehow however, the word “ESPANOLA” got lost in translation and “ESPANOLA” therefore transferred to “HISPANIOLA…!”, by the European “CONQUISTADORES!” Parallelly, the GLOBAL EUROPEAN TRANS-ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE was what would be: today: a MULTI-BILLION dollar industry and through which a reported 10 to 12 million native Africans were captured in their respective homelands, separated by gender, age, height, stature, strength, endurance etc.. Who would be chained from their necks, hands and feet where they were stacked up like sardines and cattle (as an animal lover, even neither livestock nor cattle DESERVE to be stacked up in such an atrocious manner) where the conditions were HORRENDOUS  and where many of the Africans would become severely weak and sick and some would more tragically never make it through the very end, across the Atlantic ocean :(! :(! :(! …And as if matters were not humanely horrendous enough, the slave capturers would have no qualm whatsoever in throwing an entire enchained row of the poor enslaved Africans (whether men, women and/or adolescents and children) on top of the ships unto the freezing ocean, to be fed by the sharks as soon as one of them was deemed “useless” to be sold at the slaves ports and markets in Europe but mainly  however throughout  the Americas…!!! This is sadly most certainly the IMPOSED and FORCIBLE way through which the very first Africans arrived in Europe and throughout the newly discovered Americas….!  …For the Native Americans (as clearly defined by the Europeans), were the very first inhabitants of the entire Americas…! Europe had just most recently passed from its Feudal period, transitioning to what many historians (liberals as well as conservatives) believe to be the continent of Europe’s MOST SIGNIFICANT & IMPORTANT part of History as the gun powder was discovered and kingdoms were fighting amongst each other, to gain more land and territories throughout the old continent through expeditions and “crusades” to conquer the world….  To avoid further conflict of interests, the kingdoms diplomatically agreed that whatever country’s expedition arrived first on a new found land in any parts of the world: Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Pacific Islands and the Americas… …That very expedition’s sponsored country could claim the land and territory as its own,…  This, regardless of the presence of the native inhabitants and of tribal or ethnic belonging… :(! :(! :(!

-How does this above CRUCIAL historical fact tied into my ten day Solo TriP in the Beautiful Dominican Republic, for my very first time…???  Some of you might come to ask yourselves…  Simply because the newly Europeanized and Baptized “Isla Hispaniola” we can ascertain that the native Americans present there for centuries  prior to the European expedition’s arrival, had named their lands with another definition more most probably much more meaningful to them… Of which I will try to research and report before the end of my writing and editing this very article.. :)!  As a result, The history of “La Isla Hispaniola” ties indeed perfectly well with the history of the European crusades and expeditions as its kingdoms’ colonization… …As these thousands expeditions were highly financed by each respective kingdoms…  Some expeditions would miserably fail from: shipwreck, pirate invasion and kidnapping, hunger and illness, harsh traveling conditions and far below temperatures’ climates (as there was no high tech gadgets and pollution, which are most unfortunately destroying our earth’s ozone) etc, etc, etc….!

When Christopher Columbus arrived to “La Isla Hispaniola”, his expedition crew and himself were hungry and practically starving to death…  The Natives took them under their protection , housed them, fed them and healed them with organic herbal natural medicine throughout several months…. Not solely did the explorer and crew leave in excellent recuperated health but with a more acute awareness of organic natural medicine as well as a thirsty desire and want to return to the tropics, the women, the bountiful gold and what not more….  At the same time of the Isla Hispaniola’s discovery, there became an absolute obsession for dire cheap inexpensive man labour….  As cotton became the 15th century’s most lucrative new billion dollar export business in the Americas….!!!  …But due to the fact that cotton picking was hard labour and required a huge amount and percentage of manpower, someone somehow decided to treat the also newly discovered Africans as cattle as Europeans could control the masses of captured African natives now that they had the gun powder and could easily defeat the greatest and most powerful African invincible European armies by simply shooting its commanders and tribal chiefs, dividing its fighting tribes to better conquer and enslave them, since the European explorers had observed and studied the integral structures and organizations of each respective tribes just like they had done in other continents they explored at the same time…  In the New Americas, which they first named: “The West Indies” since the natives to them, came from India…  They defeated the Native Americans with great difficulties as most of the natives were migrant populations…  By migrant, this means that they would displace themselves according to seasons of the year…  At least, in North America…  In the wintertime, some of the Native tribes would migrate to the east or south due to the freezing cold…  In the warm northern seasons, they on the other hand, would migrate back to the west and the southern parts of the continent…  In the West Indies, the natives were more settled in a same place….  Similar to the Africas, the European explorers observed and analyzed the native Americans’ respective internal societal structures and then once again used it to their advantages, to conquer and divide.  The Natives, just like the Africans did not have to however be enchained and shipped aboard, to be brought to the Americas since they were already there… As: gold, silver, spices, opiates, herbs, tea and cotton most especially, kept on rising in demand amongst European aristocracy and nobility, so did the demand in production and manpower…! -Do you presently now see the direct correlation between the expeditions’ discoveries of the Americas and the Isla Hispaniola…???!!!

Since many of the enduring and hard fighting respective native tribes would be killed,  destroyed, annihilated and.or decimated by the newcomer, the European colonizers soon realized that there were oh too few that could be used to work in the cotton fields….  This is how the four to five hundred year’s Transatlantic Slave Trade would come to be…!!!  The Africans were separated by tribal affiliation, ethnicity, identity gender, height, stature, strength, age, muscle built etc, etc, etc…  So that there would be NO ABSOLUTE BLOODLINE amongst the slaves…. :(!  Even though inummerable Native American women, men and children were slaughtered and assassinated during the many wars, there were still some survivors, who hid and protected themselves from Europeans (henceforth, the tanned indian like complexion of what the Latin Americans call the descendants of the natives: “Tainos!” The “Tainos” are the non-mixed Latinos’ descendants with Europeans, who managed to keep their origins and roots as well as their legacy of hundreds of centuries prior to the Europeans’ arrival, absolutely INTACT…!   …And here comes the story of Intermixity between the Europeans and the Tainos as well as the separation of the LA ISLA HISPANIOLA..!!!

As more slaves kept on being brought to the Isla Hispaniola, the English, the Dutch, the French and Spanish armies kept on battling each other for control and conquests of their colonies in the Americas…  Such battles included the disputes, which ensued to the redistribution of the following colonies and their regions: Quebec, Canada, New Orleans: Southern North America prior to its Civil War and La Isla Hispaniola, to name just a few… After years of fighting and squabble against each other, The Spanish reliquished some of its more western coast to the French who named its capital: “Saint Domingue” which would then be renamed by the Spanish after yet another CRUCIALLY IMPORTANT WAR on the isand, “Santo Domingo!”…Just like the Spanish, the French would soon acquire numerous colonies worldwide!  In the Caribbean alone, they had the islands of Guaedeloupe and Martinique as well as part of the Guyanese region…  Henceforth its name: “French Guyana” and as there is a British Guyana as well! The Spanish still controled the rest of the Isla Hispaniola island, which also had a big portion of the Native American Tainos.   Both colonies often traded their slaves with each other even though they governed their respective portions of the island separately and distinctly.  The island was furthermore divided by its colonists’ European culture and latin originated language.  In one part of the island, Spanish was still the language of its settlers and on the other part of the island, French was the pre-dominant spoken language… As the years and centuries nonetheless went by, the French slaves developed their own language as they were not allowed to read and write…  This language is a mixture of the complexities of various African languages intertwined together, alongside with the basic French the masters instructed their house slaves, to be able to communicate with them and the French that the slaves heard and retained with their very ears here and there…. What was at that time considered “The very 1st modern revolution”, the French Revolution started abruptly and succeeded to topple the entire French Aristocracy and Nobility social class as well as its entire royalty…!  The French Revolution actually took place from 1789 to 1799 and influenced other major historical revolutions of that time not solely throughout Europe but The American Revolution as well…!!!  ….Unbelievable as it sounds today, the French Revolution played a CRUCIAL ROLE on the French slaves on the French part of La Isla Hispaniola, where self-taught slaves revolted against their French masters and created their own Revolution! Yet, this revolution was nonetheless TOTALLY DIFFERENT at its very chore…!!!   …For this revolution was not a revolution of conquests an IPd battle for more territory and land… Oh noooooooooooo, not at all….!!!  This revolution was a revolution for Survival, for Life’s Basic Civil and Human Rights, for an entire RACE, who had been forcible put into submission just because of the colour, the tone and complexion of their skin: that of being of a darker skin tone and black…!!!  As Metropole France plunged into Protest, Bloodshed, and Constitutional Conflicts; the most astute slaves of Saint Domingue, decided that it was time as well for them to Rise-Up and Regain their four hundred + years of FREEDOM and LIBERTY…!!

One can clearly see the intermixture of the La Isla Hispaniola People, post slavery!

These two above pictures are courtesy of: El Museo de La Fortaleza De Puerto Plata, Republica Dominicana.

PHOTOS COURTESY  OF El Museo De La Fortaleza De Puerto Plata,: Republica Dominicana.

…And this is how La Isla Hispaniola spit into two…!  …Spain and France had both been arguing and fighting for La Isla Hispaniola since Christopher Columbus’ Expedition, financed by the Kingdom of Spain, had landed on the Indigenous land…  However,  similarly as to how Europeans had divided the continent of Africa and of Australia in slices: attributing these slices to each other without caring at all for the native existent and already present population, they did the same with La Isla Hispaniola where France claimed its western coast and Spain its geographically larger eastern coast.  Spain finally agreed to give its western portion to France, of which its new governor officially gave its French name: Saint Domingue…  Yet however, while France was busy battling its historically significant French Revolution(as it influenced other European revolutions and most importantly: the United States’ Civil War, another revolution would creep up far away from the “old” continent within Saint-Domingue…! The largest slave revolt, with the support and assistance of freed people of mixed race known as the “Kreol”/”Creole” in French/”Creole” in English in La Isla Hispaniola’s French side, erupted to the Spanish side governor’s dismay, who called for reinforcement to Spain as there was a great FEAR from the Spanish “Bourgeoisie”/”Burguesa” that the slaves on the eastern region of the island would follow the lead of those from the French side and begin to revolt as well….  And this is whee Puerto Plata’s Fortaleza holds such an important place in history as equally as Haiti’s “Fortress”, located in a little further south the region of Cap-Haitian, at the Bonnet mountain in the town of L’Evque.  This fortress is called: “”La Citadel” in French/”The Citadel” in English. Haiti’s “La Citadelle” is protected by UNESCO: an umbrella of The United Nations’ of which its acronym means the following: United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, “La Citadelle” was furthermore built at the end of the slave revolt by Henri Christophe who was a leader alongside Toussaint De Couverture, during Saint-Domingue’s slave rebellion and war; which lasted from 1791 to 1804.  -The outcome of this slave revolution led by Toussaint Couverture…? The slaves won the revolution with France and Spain recognizing the region as a Sovereign nation which would be named by its indigenous Taino Native American language: “Ayiti”; literally meaning: land of the mountains” for all Haitians and “Haiti” for the rest of the world and which was the original name the European colonizers has kept to call this entire Caribbean island, which still stands strong today!  Unbeknownst to many, “La Citadelle” was actually created after the black slaves won their revolution, which would come to be the ONLY SUCCESSFUL slave revolt within the world and Haiti has historically gone down in history as being: the second republic within the entire Americas…!!!  My outmost wish is to most assuredly one day re-visit Haiti and go see The Citadel just as I hope to one day go visit The Island of Goree in Senegal (a West African French speaking country) from where thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of Africans throughout the continent’s coast and mainland, were captured, separated, chained and forcibly thrown into boats like cattle, to cross all the way to The Americas to work on the then billion lucrative cotton plantations… :(! :(! :(!

…As much as it is important to me to therefore visit Haiti’s Citadel, it was also important to me to travel and to visit the other side: The Dominican Republic and Puerto Plata’s Fortaleza as one tries to mentally transport oneself back into history and imagine the fear of the unknown on both sides…: The European descent people who had no traceable black ancestry, the remaining Taino descent people who had survived their people’s massacres and the African descent slaves and people of “mixed” race who rightfully and justifiably rebelled and fought for twelve years, to obtain their Freedom after ~400 years of their race being enslaved… :(! :(! :(!   …This is the reason why I had to come visit The old Isla Hispaniola and both countries and nations are as equally fascinating…! For as I stated at the very beginning of this very blog’s article I am presenting typing about: this is the only Caribbean island which is tied at its “hip” together…!!!  …And more importantly, which share a Unique, Extremely Special History and Intermixity…! This, even if the majority of dark skinned people are found in Haiti and a great majority of the Tainos’ descent people are on the other hand found in The Dominican Republic…. It does not matter…! For both people are equally beautiful…!  …And there are also inter-marriages between both populations…! If one island is markedly poorer and less developed than the other, this is due to a longstanding corruption from the Duvalier’s (father and son) respective dictatorships…!  The lack of sustainable infrastructure in Haiti, similar to many underdeveloped nations including within my own continent of origin and many countries worldwide, is what enables natural disasters to cause more devastating effects such as Haiti’s earthquakes, where the poorest rural Haitian men actually break rocks from the coastal land’s mountains to sell them to being able to feed their families :(! :(! :(!  …What they are totally oblivious about, is that  they by breaking rocks they are in fact causing sediment destruction & weakness, therefore causing irreparable damage for natural disaster protection! …As a result, as a black woman, my group visit to Puerto Plata’s Fortaleza was most definitely touching and moving to me, as I realized that both sides fiercely protected themselves from each other but that however yet nonetheless, both societies are inter racially mixed…!  More still, many Haitians from various social classed, live in the Dominican Republic (and not just the illegal immigrants that we are used to see in the western influenced media) and that they are well integrated within the Dominican society…   And that like everywhere, most Dominicans embrace ALL races as they have a full awareness of their diversely mixed one… :)! :)! :)!

….I know, I know, I know :)! :)! :)! I purposely made a typo error on the word “Fabulous”, to emphasize this above picture”s Tropical Awe-Stricking Dominican Landscape :)! :)! :)! …And below, you will find my last picture for this article and my visual visit to such a historical landmark…! The last time I actually visited a fortress was in Dubrovnik, Croatia in my late teens…! …OH, Nevermind… :)! :)! :)! …And I truly do very much apologize for any not corrected additionnal typos…!!!  I copied this remaining pictures from my instagram page directly for lack of time to crop and copy and paste my from my Google saved pictures…! …This last pciture furthermore wraps up my San Felipe’s intriguing and moving Fortaleza’s Day Trip, along Puerto Plata’s acqua deep coral blue seaside and me hanging by the pole with a large smile; just humbly happy and amazed to   being present and living in the moment of such wonderful traveling experiences…!!!

So sorry for the last sad face in my caption…! I had meant for it to actually be the third Happy Face on my instagram post 😊! …And on presently to my next blog article…🙂 about my Dominican Republic’s Trip in the beautiful region of Puerto Plata still.. 😊 !





😌! 😌! 😌!

During my Cultural Trip in The Dominican Republic’s region of Puerto Plata, I made sure to have several organized small group tours of which: taking “El Teleferico” or “El Cable”/The Teleferic Cable”, to spend an entire day at The Observatory.  Even though one can arrive at the top of Puerto Plata by car, taking the Teleferic Cable is MOST ASSUREDLY an experience within itself where one is told that we are giving our lives away, similar to when one signs up for the most daring adventures such as: bungy jumping, rope sliding, line zipping air balloon flying or sky diving….!!! In The Dominican Republic, there is however another humourous twist to it all…:)! …We are greeted by a small group of older traditional local musicians who perform a small show while we await for the cable…:)!  On our scary cable ride, from which one can most certainly admire Puerto Plata’s breathtaking scenic landscape from above as we are 793 meters high to arrive to “El Pico Isabel”; we are all holding tightly unto the poles and rails while our guide is making jokes to  sort of “soften” the mood as he informs us that inspectors from Spain -not from D.R. mind you, actually come to inspect the telephonic cable ONCE EVERY FOUR YEARS ONLY, which makes all of us gasp more (including the most seemingly emotionally and mentally contained ones) and makes us hold on even more tightly to the pole while some of us laugh at our guide’s statement by pure meager choice of not becoming histerical as we are in the middle of the air in this manmade cable rolling built box, taking us higher into elevation… :)! :)! :)! …And the ONLY individual to whom we have completely surrendered our dear beloved entire respective lives to, is the cable conductor  (LOL)!   Sidebar Note: I used to take the Roosevelt Island tramway (to and from) school with my sisters when we were children, while residing and attending school in Manhattan, New York City due to our mother’s employment…! Our school bus would pick us up and drop us off at the Manhattan’s  tramway’s stop throughout any season of the year and throughout the entire school year as neither my mother not our caretake possibly could. Today, one can easily get to Roosevelt Island by subway. Back then, the only other option to get to and from the city was by car.  My mother drove to her office in the city as she worked for the United Nations  and could not come to pick my sisters and I up as she was a “single mother” and would typically finish her work day several hours after school dismissal… We had a baby-sitter to watch us at home, (as my oldest sister was only eight at the time and my youngest sister was still a toddler then and as my father could not be with us either)!

…But returning to my Dominican Republic Sightseeing Trip via “El Teleferico” (as I have already stated in my previous blog post, I often have a tendency to digress when I am writing creatively and freely… :)! :)! :)! …I MUST acknowledge here that once one semi overcomes one’s fear of being squeezed and stuck in that man made rolling height elevated rolling box called the “teleferic cable box” 🙂  for a good fifteen minutes; (which seems more like forty minutes to an hour :)…! One does eventually relax a bit to observe and admire the amazing views below after one’s sensation of the highly trained car cable conductor, taking us straight into the luscious bushes and trees has dissipated… (LOL)!!! …And furthermore, amidst the heavy air fogginess due to the extremely elevated height….! Sidebar Note: two middle aged adults from my sightseeing tour group on that day, decided to remain behind and wait for us at the cable’s air-conditionned station on firm solid ground, where we had embarked to ride on the cable….! …The rest of us were battling for the best spots to photograph Puerto Plata’s Dominican scenery and landscape view, while still doing our very best to respectively hold on to cable’s poles and rails (TRIPLE LOL)! …But once we arrived at the other side of “El Pico del Monte De Isabel De Torres”, OH WHAT AN EXTRAORDINARY FABULOUS EYE CANDY TREAT…;)! :)! :)!!!!  …The same sensation one arrives at any high building Observatory in the world such as: The Rockefeller Center and/or The Empire Building in New York City or yet still, The Eiffel Tower in Paris..!!!  We were allotted ample time to walk throughout El Monte (which has a restaurant as well as an extensive art gift shop store… Our guide was oh too proud to stop and tell us about practically every single Beautiful carefully landscaped botanical flower, tree and/or plant…! As an adamant Nature Lover and born Poet, I was absolutely DELIGHTED , despite the pair’s high  humidity, hitting us hard..!!! We also took pictures at leisure…! The only pre-caution I have for anyone who plans to visit El Pico Del Monte De Isabel Del Torres, is that climbing the hill can be tiring towards the end… This, most especially that the climb is quite hilly…!!! Also, if one does not book a tour, please make sure to bring a large bottle of cold water as you may rest assured that you will indeed be quite thirsty…!!!  Some visitors and tourists are furthermore discouraged by the immense fog if visiting El Pico early in the morning as it is high up in elevation…! …My small group tour arrived around elevenish, when the fog was dissipating and giving way to clear amazing views of Puerto Plata and the Dominican Republi’s Coral Blue Cariibean Sea… !!!

…One No Longer remembers one’s FRIGHT and FEAR of the “TelefericO’s” cable ride… ….Oh, wait… …Until it is time to get back on it once again…

😳! 😳! 😳!

All Pictures featured below Exclusively Belong to: Irene N.L.K. from: Inspirational Travels and CAN therefore neither be copied and paste or re-published without her permission!



What I most absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE about Traveling Solo, is that I can do WHATEVER I WANT with my OWN TIME and SCHEDULE, my sightseeing tours and activities, without having to consult, plan, strategize and compromise with anyone else but ME, MYSELF and I ☺️🤗🤗😌! Indeed, from the time I wake-up in the morning to eating breakfast to whether I have scheduled a sightseeing tour in advance or on the other hand, have not planned any type of tours to explore the grounds and/or certain sites with a personal guide or yet, on my own (like I try to do at least once during my stay, according to the place’s safety…:)! MY TIME IS ENTIRELY MINE..:)! :)! :)! …This, even moreso as I am a Poet, Writer, Dramatist, Nature Lover and a self-described Positive Spiritual Meditator and Thinker….! My mind therefore truly CRAVES for Solitude and Solace on my travels at one point or another. This, even when I do travel (which has been seldom for these past five to six years) with family members, relatives and/or with very close friends.. :)! Sidebar Note: I will be traveling this summertime with my current steady boyfriend for the very first time in August as we have been dating for almost nine months now :)! From my past dating experiences as well as that of my various friends, this is truly THE TRAVELING SURVIVAL 101 COURSE and THE JOINT PARTNERSHIP TEST of ALL TESTS.. :)! :)! :)! ….My point however, is that even though I might be traveling to a place with another person or/and with a small group of beloved ones, I truly NEED and DO TAKE some time out for myself, wherever I am and as long as I deem it pretty “safe” to do so as my Safety and yours should ALWAYS come First!!! …One thing that I nonetheless DO NOT however DO, is traveling in large groups! …Oh, I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING against people who do but I, myself would rather not as I am a relatively quiet person and very much search to engage and to converse with the locals (whether it be the staff: cleaning woman, gardener, cook, chef, manager, front desk receptionist, swimming pools’ and beach lifeguards, the small number of allowed vendors at the etc) 😊! …As well as the locals that I encounter throughout my tours and outside of the resort’s, hotel’s or residential private house’s/villa’s context…! To me, traveling is therefore MUCH MUCH MORE than just moving oneself geographically for a planned fixed amount of time to relax, have fun and rejuvenate…. Well, then again: the relaxing, fun (depending on one’s definition and understanding of the word “fun” and rejuvenating parts are up for debate… 😉! …But what I am trying to state here, is that I am truly saddened to observe many tourists who pay for their respective flights and luxurious stays, to just lounge either by the swimming pool or at the beach, without truly immersing themselves and interacting not just with the locals but with the environment(s) they are extremely fortunate to find themselves in…! I therefore MUST emphasize here, that there most certainly are DIFFERENT TYPES OF TRAVELERS, who Most Definitely seek DIFFERENT TYPES of THINGS and GRATIFICATIONS  from their travels and it is quite okay as: “…to each their own…” like the saying goes ☺️!

Another important factor perhaps is that I am a Part-Time Traveler only, as I have diligently been working at my Writing Craft and at my new Poetry Recitals’ Launch as much as I have been kept extremely busy with my Motivational and Keynote Speaking engagements and other endeavors along that line as well.. :)! Like many, I therefore hold a variety of different professional hats 🙂! Contrarily then to the numerous overwhelming Full-Time Travelers (of which a selected few I also follow) found via cyberspace, traveling is NOT the WHOLE of who I AM for me but more so, an integral part/an actual extension to nourish and to nurture my overall holistic well-being….:)! …Indeed, I very much do have an already (or several) full-time professional life/lives as an International: Artist, Creator, Writer, Author, Dramatist, Content Image Photographer, Keynote Motivational Speaker and as both: a Cultural Presenter and a Health Presenter! …What I an attempting to do with my fairly recently created blog, is to really encourage anyone: “YOU”, who might be reading my blog right now and this article at present, to be MOTIVATED, PASSIONATE and ONE HUNDRED INVESTED in something…. In anything really…! This, as long as it is filled with: Spirituality (always Number ONE in my book of LIFE), Gusto, Positivity, Truthfulness, Honesty, Compassion, Empathy, Kindness and Real Passion…! …Traveling to me therefore truly opens my eyes to admiring, observing, respecting and loving the DIVERSITY of people (even within the same country, region or/and continent) and equally as Environmentally Consciously and as I Organically and Spiritually (I already mentioned this one :)!) can be; by taking in and seizing the moment to explore the habitat of the geographic location in which I find myself…! For example: taking walking tours and not just vehicle motor tours, taking a canoe, a paddle boat or a row boat instead of the other modern highly pollutant boats… Going on small  wild, virgin beaches group entire week-ends’ or day tours (after having nonetheless carefully and meticulously researched and reviewed the veracity and safety of the tour), going on a horseback or on a bicycle Nature Friendly ride, spending an entire day or half a day with a small group tour at a naturally preserved National park like I did in Costa Rica and in South Africa and so forth..! I furthermore NEVER book a tour with either quite a few poor reviews or which DOES NOT come highly or at least fairly well recommended), with strict stringent recycling rules instead of going to overwhelming over-tourist populated on-line cyber super marketed beaches…! Moreover, as I am “child-free”, I am extremely and greatly FORTUNATE to being able to CHOOSE ANY TIME (and not simply the high season period), to travel to any parts of the world at present and at any time of the year I wish and please! This, as long as it is aligned and in accordance with my professional engagements’ scheduling of which my very small management team, (which includes two other people and myself), are as well entirely in control of!

…As such, I almost have the BEST of BOTH WORLDS 🤗! Indeed, as I am ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SELF-FUNDED at  the moment, I DO NOT have to COMPLY with anyone else’s stringent scheduling and I am neither COMPETING nor doing a marathon race, to travel to as MANY countries and continents as I possibly can, to just “stay in the competition!” I have NO INTENTIONS to ever do so either as it takes tons of ENERGY and STAMINA to hop on-and-off from airplanes, helicopters, trains, buses, boats etc on a continuous on-going basis…!!! I truly deeply admire the Travel Bloggers who do! I nonetheless ALWAYS have had (and this, as LONG as I can possibly remember), a Bucket List of countries and regions throughout our planet’s five continents I have dreamt to visit at one point or another prior to God calling my Spirit unto the next world..!.  …That and according to my personal financial means as: being self-sponsored also signifies no: FREE flights, hotels, private residential stays etc… (LOL, :))! …But this is a CONSCIOUS CHOICE that I have made  in order to be as TRANSLUCID and as TRANSPARENT as I possibly can via my present blog…! As a result, if I therefore mention a certain airline company, hotel, resort, Air BnB lodging, restaurant and/or other brands on my very blog, it is not because I MUST but simply because of my personal TRUTHFUL, HONEST perspective, experience and appreciation of the place precisely no matter the country, continent and/or location in our huge, complex world…! As an International Spoken Words’ Artist, Author, Speaker and Presenter: my flights, stays and traveling expenses are mostly ALL PAID FOR during the time of my professional engagements but when I am however finished with my engagements and obligations, EVERYTHING after that then becomes SELF-FINANCED once I return to the “road less traveled by” (to quote one of my favourite English speaking poets: Robert Frost, of which poetry I studied in depth in high school, (which I attended in Paris, France as my Dear Beloved mother’s employment was based there at that time) 😀 !

All Pictures Courtesy of Irene Inspirational Traveler and were taken at Puerto Plata’s Playa Dorada’s Blue Bay’s Resort and Spa in The Spanish Caribbean Island of The Dominican Republic

My 10 TOP REASONS why I adamantly LOVE to travel SOLO as a Non-Sponsored Traveler and Travel Blogger are as follow below:


1. The FREEDOM and LIBERTY I am afforded to SELECT and CHOOSE when and where I will be traveling to, without having to WAIT FOR someone else’s schedule.

2. The IMMENSE PRIVILEGE I have to EXPLORE the world the EXACT WAY I wish to and to then write about it for my blog as well as for international magazines and websites.

3. The EQUALLY IMMENSE PRIVILEGE I have to CHOOSE and DECIDE on the type of LODGING, AMENITIES and entire EXPENSES I wish to spend on a specific trip according to my budget.

4. The FLEXIBILITY I have with regards to being able to choose the LENGTH of time as well as possibly EXTENDING and/or SHORTENING my stay, therefore only IMPACTING MYSELF.

5. The MULTIPLE POSSIBILITIES and OPTIONS I actually have to PLAN and to SPEND my days…! Whether this be: lounging at the beach and by the pool for entire day, interacting with other tourists and travelers and the staff at hand, deciding to schedule an entire sightseeing or week-end tour, spending several hours photographing a geographical location and/or site without having to worry about anyone else who might get tired and/or slightly annoyed by it and do trust me on this: …Even your closest friends and boyfriend eventually can user the scorching desert heat such as Florida or Morrocco and the freezing cold temperatures such as in Canada or Iceland in winter time… Where, as an afterthought I, myself felt my fingers and nails becoming a bit frost-bitten and hurried up with my the few pics I captured (LOL)! But if I MUST be HONEST for this ONE, the flip coin of this is that I have NO ONE ELSE to photograph me on location or site and have to resolve to selfies whenever I travel alone :(!

6. The fact that I have my VERY OWN ROOM and BATHROOM as well as a BALCONY all to myself instead of having to SHARE as sometimes, we just NEED our PRIVATE SPACE… I am MORE THAN CERTAIN that more of the Ladies and perhaps too, some men will AGREE with me on this… :)!

7. Being able to eat at whatever TIME and wherever PLACE that PLEASES me, myself and I, without having to COMPROMISE my VERY BUD TASTE at that VERY MOMENT…!!! …As when the tummy is craving and hungry for something specific (for me, this mostly involves tasting the local food for my main meals), one most certainly MUST SATISFY one’s BUD TASTES but this one also has a DOWNSIDE to it as I NO LONGER CAN COUNT the amount of times that I have interiorly YEARNED for companionship while eating SOLO….!  I have however MASTERED my Solo Eating by ALWAYS bringing the current book I am reading, my notebook and a pen as well as an i-pad and camera and my cell phone with me, naturally…:)!  This, in order to not feel so lonely and draw attention on my Solo Plight (LOL)!!!! This, most especially as a woman and as a black woman furthermore in certain countries where male tourists and locals alike, might assume that my Solo Status is an invitation for them to come join me when truthfully it is ABSOLUTELY NOT….!  I HAVE furthermore joined a small group of adult females and males as well as groups of Solo females only, to eat with and have small non-invasive selective conversations and even later on, remained friends via the internet with some interesting, kind individuals from these impromptu meal group gatherings and spur of the moment companionships but my “Solo-ship” has NEVER been an opportunity for random men to just come and join me…!!! This, even for the Hardcore Perseverant Ones…!  In addition, I do not consume alcohol at all as I am allergic to it or any type of drugs for that matter…! My internal instincts and initial intuition and perception of an individual, speedily  kicks in and my long incessant stare moreover eventually forces them to scurry away as that simple firm, stern Most Definitely speaks for itself 🙃…!!! …One truly MUST BE on one’s guards AT ALL TIMES when traveling ALONE.. ESPECIIALLY women still very much today as men can be unwanted unwanted targets as well but the studies still very much do show that women are majorly targets and victims of Verbal, Psychological and Physical Assault in all countries…!!! To my Dear Female Solo Travelers, please do be careful out there as even though our world is MOST ASSUREDLY a Beautiful Diverse One, it is also a world which warrants for us to develop wisdom, vonscioousness, self-awareness and an acute sixth sense…!!!

8. The TREASURE and LUXURY I have and can actually CHOOSE to sit for HOURS ON END at my room’s balcony when I do have one as requested per my room reservation with my current book or simply meditating and/or day dreaming… With a freshly squeezed organic fruit juice, smoothie and/or herbal tea… Depending on the time and season as well as location :)! :)! :)!

9. The TREASURE and LUXURY I have to exercise, work-out and meditate as LONG as I wish to do so, in my room and/or outdoors as well as going to the spa for a massage and/or simply swimming laps at the pool.

10. The TREASURE and LUXURY I have to just SLEEP, NAP,  DAYDREAM once again and/or take super lengthy showers and LUXURIOUS baths :)! :)! :)!!

All Pictures on this page and on this blog for that matter, EXCLUSIVELY BELONG to and are COPY WRITTEN by Irene N.L.K. from Irene Inspirational Travels and CANNOT therefore nor be reproduced neither cut, copied and pasted without her authorization!





All Pictures are Courtesy of : Irene Inspirational Travels at Puerto Plata’s Vilas & Playa Doradas Blue Bay’s Resort and Spa in The Dominican Republic and EXCLUSIVELY BELONG to Irene N.L.K from Irene Inspirational Travels!

…Thank Goodness, both: my private shuttle van driver and my welcoming Travel Guide Assistant were there awaiting for me at the end of the line of their counterparts, right upon exiting Customs at Puerto Plata’s International Airport in The Dominican Republic…! …And similar to the still yet small number of tropical Caribbean and non-Caribbean countries I have either visited or lived in, what a soothing sensation to finally have my body feel the tropical heat once again 🙂 !!! I therefore know all too well that it soumds quite strange to many peoole when I genuinely tell them that I would take the scorching natural heat anytime over the icy cold northern weather! …This, even to a couple of my longtime very close friends…😊! …But this is the simple truth…!!! …And the reason why all three:: my mind, body and soul immediately fuse into an immense positive vibe whenever I once again geographically find myself in the warm tropical weather…! …The same tropical weather in which I was born even though due to my dear deceased beloved mother”s employement, my sisters and I grew up in the cold western climate…! It is thetefore a pure delight for me, to frequently presently find myself in the warm tropics in whatever corner of the world my travels lead and guide me to…! So this time around, it is right here: in Puerto Plata, The Dominican Republic that they finally led me to :)!!! …Popularly, Puerto Plata is a lesser touristy frequented and visited region than Punta Cana, according to many Dominicans residing in New York city, from which a few tried to steer me away… ! Okay, so perhaps the word “steering away from” is too strong…:)! …But they most certainly were trying to “sell” Punta Cana to me…! Solely, two of my close Dominican friends (of whom one was initially supposed to travel with me and act as my personal guide but had to most unfortunately undergo a surgery instead 🙁 !, convinced me that I might actually enjoy Puerto Plata better than Punta Cana, since I was traveling to The Dominican Republic (DR) at the end of  the U.S.’ and Canada’s high peak summer season…! Unbeknownst to me at that time, I would also be traveling a week to ten days prior to Hurricane Irma…!!!  My flight back to New York City was actually two days exactly before the tragic, devastating Hurricane throughout certain highly tourist frequented English, Spanish and French Caribbean islands such as: Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, St. Barts, Guadeloupe etc…

😞 😐 😞

I certainly would  like to take a pause from my story here, in order to apologize to anyone who will be interested enough to read this multi-fold article as: “Yes, Alas…!” Most of my current blogs are written a couple or even several months after my actual trips…!!! This, simply because: 1). I am a conscientious writer and kind of the “A Personality Type”, who needs to succintly gather my thoughts and organize the memory of my travels in order to mentally select which parts I really need to write about and share, prior to starting to write or blog about! My Blog writing method process is therefore extremely similar to my magazine articles’ writing process…!  2). I truly take a lot of time, with regards to my blog’s pictures’ selection and editing process (sometimes, too plentiful) and the mere photo selection is as tedious and meticulous as my trip’s and as my subject matter’s blog writing! It indeed takes me several weeks to a couple of months to do so,  due to my various other professional engagements and writing projects! …And all this is prior to proof reading, revising and editing myself on my very own (some bloggers have a revision and editing team and/or even blog ghost writers! …You are presently in the know with regards to my creative writing and editing processes… :)! :)! :)!

…And Now Back Once More To My Story…


As my shuttle driver drove me to my hotel, my hotel’s Travel Guide Assistant provided me with my sight seeing activities and tours , which she covered with me at length…! I absolutely have NOTHING personal against my guide as she was very nice and a true professional who was truly doing her job to perfection…! But yet however in my head, all that I kept on telling myself was: -could she not have waited for us to arrive to the hotel as many of us travelers…  …Well at least as I, myself; like to enjoy looking at the landscape while being chauffered to my final destination… This, no matter what part of day or night I arrive…:) ! …But I guess that she was just following her employer’s strict protocol rules as some tourists might be in a rush to check-in once they are dropped off at their hotel’s lobby… Or yet, -perhaps was it that she had me all to herself and just wanted to take her time… Including, scheduling my next day’s appointment with one of tbe agency’s sightseeing tours’ bookers as she also kindly reminded me to not forget to call a day prior to my flight back to New York City by way of Miami, to confirm my pick-up time with my shuttle van driver…  Alas, I therefore was most unfortunately solely able to contemplate Beautiful Puerto Plata”s landscape (of which I had just landed into fifteen minutes ago for my very first time) from the side corners of my eyes…:( !!!  I would most definetely catch up during my stay but nonetheless clearly regretted to have been deprived of my first time impression photographic memory, in order to be able to vividly narrate about it in crystal clear full details, like I am doing at present….!

The very first thing that I like to do after checking-in upon arriving to my hotel room, is scout out my room, bathroom, my room’s balcony and its view (as I usually request a balcony or at least a window street or backyard view when I am in Europe), open the fridge and the secured safe, turn on the television, switch the channels, turn the t.v. on  and off with its remote, turn all of the lights on and off as well (including the side lamps and desk lamps) and dial the front lobby to immediately apologize as soon as someone answers… And for me to reply without a single hesitation that I dialed the number by mistake when I truthfully consciously dialed the number….:)!  All this: as to make sure that everything works like it should…:)! I am however MORE THAN CERTAIN that I am  NOT the only human being on the planet who does this…:)! Even if it might sound a little extreme but then again, I previously mentioned above somewhere that I am a “TYPE A”  personality (LOL)! After having verified all of this, I finally can relax, unpack, take my shower and if I happen to arrive in the evening, I take my shower, unpack just to find my nigh wear and toiletries, watch some television and just go to bed as I more often than seldom exhausted from my passing custom as well as from my trip as a whole (more particularly for long flights)! I customarily therefore unpack the next morning when I wake pack and take my time to set my toiletries in the bathroom… I usually iron in the morning as well, on a day-to-day basis after my shower and prior to my activities unless I have to leave super early…  In that case, I iron in the evening prior to my heading out for dinner and alongside with my evening clothes… …If on the contrary I arrive in the morning such as currently and/or in the early afternoon, I usually take a short or a long power nap (depending on the level of my tiredness) after I have showered and then just wake-up in time for lunch or dinner (or when my cell phone alarm clock rings if I had set  it to ring for a specific time and accordingly). If it is still daytime after lunch, I typically scout the hotel’s or resort’s or the private residence’s house (as was the case when I visited Morocco with one of my sisters and at the “Riad” we stayed at a few years ago)!. …For the very first time in my life ever since I have been traveling, I will be staying at three “rbnb’s” in three respective different countries I will be visiting and of which one, I will be “re-visitig this very summertime in Europe in the month of August :)!”  In my youth, I typically stayed at hostels when traveling alone or with a sister, as like many university students, I did not have the financial means to afford anything else aside from staying at friends’ and/or at acquaintances’ families’ homes :)!  With my Dear Mother, it was an entirely different story as traveling with her, meant comfortable luxury hotels and/or back home to my country of origin, at the family house or at my grandfather’s house for my sisters and I :)! …It is nonetheless throughout my university studies, that I really began to travel and venture to new parts of the world….!  As an international independent civil servant and diplomat, my mother traveled throughout Europe, Africa and several countries in Asia… And we lived in both: Canada and the United States in Boston and in New York City for several years…  The two countries she herself, traveled to Latin and South America are: Mexico and Brazil….  After my undergraduate university studies and my three month Summer first professional job as non-paid intern in Paris, France thanks to two of my sisters; my adventurous exploring spirit was yearning to further discover the Americas…! More specifically: the Spanish speaking American regions… As I then became a very close friend with someone who was Mexican-American whose family lived in San Diego, I accepted her more than kind invitation for me to come visit her (at that time, she had graduated from the university we both attended and met and was in her very first law school year at U.C.L.A (the University of Los Angeles) where she was staying in the posh Westwood neighborhood in a three bedroom spacious apartment with two roommates.  This was the only Christmas/New Year one month Holiday break where that I did not spend with my own family in Europe! ….But an extremely enriching one nonetheless as my friend and her family took me to Mexico (my very firs time) and Wow…!!!! …What a Cultural Eye-Opener…  I was majoring in International & in Women Literature with a minor in both: Social Studies as well as Modern Latin Languages: Spanish and French (French for the easy credit as both English and French are the languages I actually grew up with) :)!

“Buenos Dias, Señorita!” -Being greeted with a large grin from everyone at Puerto Plata’s Blue Bay’s Resort and Spa residence, most definitely put me right at ease as the music was already loudly playing at the resort’s main and largest swimming pool with several tourists, already in there….!   Blue Bay’s Resort and Spa is an open resort, where  both: the main lobby and the vast eating lounge are totally open so that anyone has a view on two of the three resort’s swimming pools!  The beach has its own path walk after the little gift shop boutique where one can daily obtain his/her beach towels’ supplies…!  Luscious trees and a beautiful little river surround the path on both sides before arriving to the beach, where beach chair and covered /beds and large vast umbrellas are placed for one to just rest and enjoy the amazing breath taking aqua blue scenery… 🤗!





😊 ☺️ 😊


…I had a mere twenty to thirty minutes ride on my “private” shuttle bus (private  because I was the only passenger being picked up at that time 🙂 )!, with my chatty energetic shuttle bus Travel Guide Assistant as my driver was extraordinarily quiet! …I customarily LOVE to soak the landscape in! This, in order to take in my very first impressions of the place I have just landed to and arrived at, (both litteraly & figuratively), through its scenic window landscape views (whenever I arrive during the daytime). Indeed, I just quietly watch the scenery and observe the locals and non-locals  from my window seat (this is the Nature Lover, Meditative Thinker, Poet, Writer and Photographer in me :))! …As my driver’s shuttle bus bubbly Travel Guide Assistant was just kindly chatting away with me and asking the usual questions one asks to the just picked-up newly arrived tourists:: -How was your flight? -How long are you staying for? -Is this your first time in this country? -Where are you flying from? -Do you have a lot of activities planned during your stay? -What is your profession? -Are you traveling alone? Soooooooo, as we get to these three last questions (whether they are asked by a male or by a female), I usually am extra diplomatic and cautious as to my replies :)! Let me therefore revisit these last questions with some replies or similar ones I might give, according to my mood and/or my level of tiredness :)! :)! :)! -Do you have any activities planned? Yes, I have a few organized tours planned (I NEVER disclose that I also plan to do my own SOLO sightseeing tours, depending on the safety of the country and/or region in which I find myself…)!  …And also of course, spend much time at the beach and perhaps do some activities there as well as swimming and hang out by the pool! (Neither do I disclose that I also wish to nap every single day after my morning activities and/or after my scheduled or my non-scheduled tours as the locals truly DO NOT UNDERSTAND why some of us NEED to NAP on “vacation” when we have paid (at least I, myself since I still am an independent non-sponsored part-time Travel Explorer & Blogger)… Well, for now at least :)! …As MOST of us travel to be away from our usual respective lives’ hecticness & daily stressors… As such, our minds, bodies and  souls most assuredly NEED to recuperate from it all and boy oh boy…!!! …Those couple of hours’ “away from home” power naps, MOST CERTAINLY DO WONDERS to one’s holistic self (LOL:))!!! I am more than certain that many travelers will agree with me on this.:)!  …I nonetheless assure you that the locals usually find this odd! …Unless you have a significant other with you… Ahem :)! :)! :)! …As they would be TOO HAPPY to know that your baby was conceived at the place your partner and you stayed at on your vacay or travels if you are heterosexual. …But I am digressing in a murky territory here, with regards to vacation and babies, that is :)! :)! :)!

…So, back to my replies as the locals are ALWAYS pleasantly HAPPY to recomnend additionnal tours & activities that you ABSOLUTELY MUST DO and/or SEE upon your stay… :)! :)! :)! This, even if you are just at the specific location for two to three days, one day, half a day or even just a mere few hours…:)! They will fondly and more than kindly recomnend the “MUST SEE” sightseeing landmarks and other tours to go on even though you clearly let them know that you are all “toured booked-up…:)!”  …They will also recommend local restaurants for you where you MUST GO to eat at, with the usual slightly diplomatic sarcastic smiley remark and a straight direct stare at you from their rearview mirrors or just bluntly turn around to look at you while asking when you both know that it is clearly NOT a question but more an expectation of affirmation: “…You DO NOT plan to eat ALL of your meals at the place you are staying, do you…?!”  Soooooooo, as a black mostly Solo Cultural Travel Explorer throughout these past five to six years and as a recent Blog Writer from an originally non-highly industrialized country, I ONE HUNDRED PERCENT am an ADAMANT SUPPORTER and ADVOCATE for Local Tourism Exploration..:)! This is one of the reasons why I decided to take a giant leap and create my blog…:)! ….As I, myself have been and still am following a couple of other Travel Bloggers of different race, origins, nationalities, cultures etc..! I indeed realized the power of today’s Travel Blogging in shaping, in molding, in influencing and in encouraging a diverse group of people worldwide: YOU: my Blog Readers :), to get out of your respective comfort zones and cocoons to explore diiferent horizons in a way you had perhaps NEVER previously thought about…:)! …And yet, even more still, to look at a Global Traveler’s perspective, who might be of a different race, culture, nationality, origin and/or gender than yourself…! As these VERY IMPORTANT factors MOST ASSUREDLY determine one’s traveling experiences (whether negatively or positively, like the traveling experience I am currently blogging about…! …This, not solely when traveling alone (like I mostly presently do… As my friends and my partner cannot just pick-up and accompany me on every single one of my travels and at anytime since they have their very jobs and own schedules that do not always coincide with mine… And as I typically have started to travel five times a year to both: national and international destinations as New York City is my home base.  Also, most full-time Travel Bloggers and Travel Explorers are “child free” like myself and between their mid-twenties, late thirties. and forties..! Many of them DO NOT or NO LONGER HAVE therefore have a child/children to worry about on a daily on-going basis such as: school, after-school extra curricular activities, academic testing, child rearing, play dates, child’s medical and dental appointments, college funds, child’s long-term financial planning etc… …As traveling with a family or a child/various children is an entirely different story than simply traveling alone and/or with other full grown adults…! Oh please, do not get me wrong here and misinterprete what I am trying to state….:)! As I have many friends & family members who travel at least once a year with their kids…. :)! ….And they create wonderful life lasting traveling experiences for their offsprings just like my dear beloved deceased mother created for my sisters and I eversince we were very little! …What I nonetheless am factually stating here, is that the whole planning and traveling dynamics as well as the financial aspects of it all. are one hundred percent absolutely different…!   This, even on an inexpensive tight budget..! Please, do take my word for it as I, myself have traveled several times in the past & presently still sometimes do (on short week-end trips) with: toddlers, small cildren, pre-teen children, teenagers and young adults either with my nieces and/or with my closest relatives and  friends’  kids…!!!  Also, I was an “Au-Pair”/Live-In Nanny in English,  for an entire year in Spain’s largest Baleares’ islands of Majorca…:)! I therefore DO VERY MUCH KNOW  what traveling with anyone underage fully entails :)! :)! :)! I have yet nonetheless presently once again digressed here, which I often do as I write my blog articles… :)! …For neither am I still being graded on my papers nor is my writing being assessed for a grant proposal submission :)! This therefore IS simply my UNIQUE form of writing expression :)! :)! :)! -Who says that STANDING OUT in your OWN UNIQUENESS, is OVERRATED… :)? :)? :)?  -“Not I!!!”, she responded with a huge friendly grin on her face :)! :)! :)!


All pictures and contents in this post and on this blog, are courtesy of Irene Inspirational Travels and EXCLUSIVELY BELONG  Exclusively belong to Irene N.L.K. from: Irene Inspirational Travels and CAN therefore NEITHER be copied, pasted nor republished without her Authorization!