All Pictures are Courtesy of : Irene Inspirational Travels at Puerto Plata’s Vilas & Playa Doradas Blue Bay’s Resort and Spa in The Dominican Republic and EXCLUSIVELY BELONG to Irene N.L.K from Irene Inspirational Travels!


…Thank Goodness, both: my private shuttle van driver and my welcoming Travel Guide Assistant were there awaiting for me at the end of the line of their counterparts, right upon exiting Customs at Puerto Plata’s International Airport in The Dominican Republic…! …And similar to the still yet small number of tropical Caribbean and non-Caribbean countries I have either visited or lived in, what a soothing sensation to finally have my body feel the tropical heat once again 🙂 !!! I therefore know all too well that it soumds quite strange to many peoole when I genuinely tell them that I would take the scorching natural heat anytime over the icy cold northern weather! …This, even to a couple of my longtime very close friends…😊! …But this is the simple truth…!!! …And the reason why all three:: my mind, body and soul immediately fuse into an immense positive vibe whenever I once again geographically find myself in the warm tropical weather…! …The same tropical weather in which I was born even though due to my dear deceased beloved mother”s employement, my sisters and I grew up in the cold western climate…! It is thetefore a pure delight for me, to frequently presently find myself in the warm tropics in whatever corner of the world my travels lead and guide me to…! So this time around, it is right here: in Puerto Plata, The Dominican Republic that they finally led me to :)!!! …Popularly, Puerto Plata is a lesser touristy frequented and visited region than Punta Cana, according to many Dominicans residing in New York city, from which a few tried to steer me away… ! Okay, so perhaps the word “steering away from” is too strong…:)! …But they most certainly were trying to “sell” Punta Cana to me…! Solely, two of my close Dominican friends (of whom one was initially supposed to travel with me and act as my personal guide but had to most unfortunately undergo a surgery instead 🙁 !, convinced me that I might actually enjoy Puerto Plata better than Punta Cana, since I was traveling to The Dominican Republic (DR) at the end of  the U.S.’ and Canada’s high peak summer season…! Unbeknownst to me at that time, I would also be traveling a week to ten days prior to Hurricane Irma…!!!  My flight back to New York City was actually two days exactly before the tragic, devastating Hurricane throughout certain highly tourist frequented English, Spanish and French Caribbean islands such as: Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, St. Barts, Guadeloupe etc…

😞 😐 😞

I certainly would  like to take a pause from my story here, in order to apologize to anyone who will be interested enough to read this multi-fold article as: “Yes, Alas…!” Most of my current blogs are written a couple or even several months after my actual trips…!!! This, simply because: 1). I am a conscientious writer and kind of the “A Personality Type”, who needs to succintly gather my thoughts and organize the memory of my travels in order to mentally select which parts I really need to write about and share, prior to starting to write or blog about! My Blog writing method process is therefore extremely similar to my magazine articles’ writing process…!  2). I truly take a lot of time, with regards to my blog’s pictures’ selection and editing process (sometimes, too plentiful) and the mere photo selection is as tedious and meticulous as my trip’s and as my subject matter’s blog writing! It indeed takes me several weeks to a couple of months to do so,  due to my various other professional engagements and writing projects! …And all this is prior to proof reading, revising and editing myself on my very own (some bloggers have a revision and editing team and/or even blog ghost writers! …You are presently in the know with regards to my creative writing and editing processes… :)! :)! :)!

…And Now Back Once More To My Story…


As my shuttle driver drove me to my hotel, my hotel’s Travel Guide Assistant provided me with my sight seeing activities and tours , which she covered with me at length…! I absolutely have NOTHING personal against my guide as she was very nice and a true professional who was truly doing her job to perfection…! But yet however in my head, all that I kept on telling myself was: -could she not have waited for us to arrive to the hotel as many of us travelers…  …Well at least as I, myself; like to enjoy looking at the landscape while being chauffered to my final destination… This, no matter what part of day or night I arrive…:) ! …But I guess that she was just following her employer’s strict protocol rules as some tourists might be in a rush to check-in once they are dropped off at their hotel’s lobby… Or yet, -perhaps was it that she had me all to herself and just wanted to take her time… Including, scheduling my next day’s appointment with one of tbe agency’s sightseeing tours’ bookers as she also kindly reminded me to not forget to call a day prior to my flight back to New York City by way of Miami, to confirm my pick-up time with my shuttle van driver…  Alas, I therefore was most unfortunately solely able to contemplate Beautiful Puerto Plata”s landscape (of which I had just landed into fifteen minutes ago for my very first time) from the side corners of my eyes…:( !!!  I would most definetely catch up during my stay but nonetheless clearly regretted to have been deprived of my first time impression photographic memory, in order to be able to vividly narrate about it in crystal clear full details, like I am doing at present….!

The very first thing that I like to do after checking-in upon arriving to my hotel room, is scout out my room, bathroom, my room’s balcony and its view (as I usually request a balcony or at least a window street or backyard view when I am in Europe), open the fridge and the secured safe, turn on the television, switch the channels, turn the t.v. on  and off with its remote, turn all of the lights on and off as well (including the side lamps and desk lamps) and dial the front lobby to immediately apologize as soon as someone answers… And for me to reply without a single hesitation that I dialed the number by mistake when I truthfully consciously dialed the number….:)!  All this: as to make sure that everything works like it should…:)! I am however MORE THAN CERTAIN that I am  NOT the only human being on the planet who does this…:)! Even if it might sound a little extreme but then again, I previously mentioned above somewhere that I am a “TYPE A”  personality (LOL)! After having verified all of this, I finally can relax, unpack, take my shower and if I happen to arrive in the evening, I take my shower, unpack just to find my nigh wear and toiletries, watch some television and just go to bed as I more often than seldom exhausted from my passing custom as well as from my trip as a whole (more particularly for long flights)! I customarily therefore unpack the next morning when I wake pack and take my time to set my toiletries in the bathroom… I usually iron in the morning as well, on a day-to-day basis after my shower and prior to my activities unless I have to leave super early…  In that case, I iron in the evening prior to my heading out for dinner and alongside with my evening clothes… …If on the contrary I arrive in the morning such as currently and/or in the early afternoon, I usually take a short or a long power nap (depending on the level of my tiredness) after I have showered and then just wake-up in time for lunch or dinner (or when my cell phone alarm clock rings if I had set  it to ring for a specific time and accordingly). If it is still daytime after lunch, I typically scout the hotel’s or resort’s or the private residence’s house (as was the case when I visited Morocco with one of my sisters and at the “Riad” we stayed at a few years ago)!. …For the very first time in my life ever since I have been traveling, I will be staying at three “rbnb’s” in three respective different countries I will be visiting and of which one, I will be “re-visitig this very summertime in Europe in the month of August :)!”  In my youth, I typically stayed at hostels when traveling alone or with a sister, as like many university students, I did not have the financial means to afford anything else aside from staying at friends’ and/or at acquaintances’ families’ homes :)!  With my Dear Mother, it was an entirely different story as traveling with her, meant comfortable luxury hotels and/or back home to my country of origin, at the family house or at my grandfather’s house for my sisters and I :)! …It is nonetheless throughout my university studies, that I really began to travel and venture to new parts of the world….!  As an international independent civil servant and diplomat, my mother traveled throughout Europe, Africa and several countries in Asia… And we lived in both: Canada and the United States in Boston and in New York City for several years…  The two countries she herself, traveled to Latin and South America are: Mexico and Brazil….  After my undergraduate university studies and my three month Summer first professional job as non-paid intern in Paris, France thanks to two of my sisters; my adventurous exploring spirit was yearning to further discover the Americas…! More specifically: the Spanish speaking American regions… As I then became a very close friend with someone who was Mexican-American whose family lived in San Diego, I accepted her more than kind invitation for me to come visit her (at that time, she had graduated from the university we both attended and met and was in her very first law school year at U.C.L.A (the University of Los Angeles) where she was staying in the posh Westwood neighborhood in a three bedroom spacious apartment with two roommates.  This was the only Christmas/New Year one month Holiday break where that I did not spend with my own family in Europe! ….But an extremely enriching one nonetheless as my friend and her family took me to Mexico (my very firs time) and Wow…!!!! …What a Cultural Eye-Opener…  I was majoring in International & in Women Literature with a minor in both: Social Studies as well as Modern Latin Languages: Spanish and French (French for the easy credit as both English and French are the languages I actually grew up with) :)!

“Buenos Dias, Señorita!” -Being greeted with a large grin from everyone at Puerto Plata’s Blue Bay’s Resort and Spa residence, most definitely put me right at ease as the music was already loudly playing at the resort’s main and largest swimming pool with several tourists, already in there….!   Blue Bay’s Resort and Spa is an open resort, where  both: the main lobby and the vast eating lounge are totally open so that anyone has a view on two of the three resort’s swimming pools!  The beach has its own path walk after the little gift shop boutique where one can daily obtain his/her beach towels’ supplies…!  Luscious trees and a beautiful little river surround the path on both sides before arriving to the beach, where beach chair and covered /beds and large vast umbrellas are placed for one to just rest and enjoy the amazing breath taking aqua blue scenery… 🤗!


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