What I most absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE about Traveling Solo, is that I can do WHATEVER I WANT with my OWN TIME and SCHEDULE, my sightseeing tours and activities, without having to consult, plan, strategize and compromise with anyone else but ME, MYSELF and I ☺️🤗🤗😌! Indeed, from the time I wake-up in the morning to eating breakfast to whether I have scheduled a sightseeing tour in advance or on the other hand, have not planned any type of tours to explore the grounds and/or certain sites with a personal guide or yet, on my own (like I try to do at least once during my stay, according to the place’s safety…:)! MY TIME IS ENTIRELY MINE..:)! :)! :)! …This, even moreso as I am a Poet, Writer, Dramatist, Nature Lover and a self-described Positive Spiritual Meditator and Thinker….! My mind therefore truly CRAVES for Solitude and Solace on my travels at one point or another. This, even when I do travel (which has been seldom for these past five to six years) with family members, relatives and/or with very close friends.. :)! Sidebar Note: I will be traveling this summertime with my current steady boyfriend for the very first time in August as we have been dating for almost nine months now :)! From my past dating experiences as well as that of my various friends, this is truly THE TRAVELING SURVIVAL 101 COURSE and THE JOINT PARTNERSHIP TEST of ALL TESTS.. :)! :)! :)! ….My point however, is that even though I might be traveling to a place with another person or/and with a small group of beloved ones, I truly NEED and DO TAKE some time out for myself, wherever I am and as long as I deem it pretty “safe” to do so as my Safety and yours should ALWAYS come First!!! …One thing that I nonetheless DO NOT however DO, is traveling in large groups! …Oh, I have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING against people who do but I, myself would rather not as I am a relatively quiet person and very much search to engage and to converse with the locals (whether it be the staff: cleaning woman, gardener, cook, chef, manager, front desk receptionist, swimming pools’ and beach lifeguards, the small number of allowed vendors at the etc) 😊! …As well as the locals that I encounter throughout my tours and outside of the resort’s, hotel’s or residential private house’s/villa’s context…! To me, traveling is therefore MUCH MUCH MORE than just moving oneself geographically for a planned fixed amount of time to relax, have fun and rejuvenate…. Well, then again: the relaxing, fun (depending on one’s definition and understanding of the word “fun” and rejuvenating parts are up for debate… 😉! …But what I am trying to state here, is that I am truly saddened to observe many tourists who pay for their respective flights and luxurious stays, to just lounge either by the swimming pool or at the beach, without truly immersing themselves and interacting not just with the locals but with the environment(s) they are extremely fortunate to find themselves in…! I therefore MUST emphasize here, that there most certainly are DIFFERENT TYPES OF TRAVELERS, who Most Definitely seek DIFFERENT TYPES of THINGS and GRATIFICATIONS  from their travels and it is quite okay as: “…to each their own…” like the saying goes ☺️!

Another important factor perhaps is that I am a Part-Time Traveler only, as I have diligently been working at my Writing Craft and at my new Poetry Recitals’ Launch as much as I have been kept extremely busy with my Motivational and Keynote Speaking engagements and other endeavors along that line as well.. :)! Like many, I therefore hold a variety of different professional hats 🙂! Contrarily then to the numerous overwhelming Full-Time Travelers (of which a selected few I also follow) found via cyberspace, traveling is NOT the WHOLE of who I AM for me but more so, an integral part/an actual extension to nourish and to nurture my overall holistic well-being….:)! …Indeed, I very much do have an already (or several) full-time professional life/lives as an International: Artist, Creator, Writer, Author, Dramatist, Content Image Photographer, Keynote Motivational Speaker and as both: a Cultural Presenter and a Health Presenter! …What I an attempting to do with my fairly recently created blog, is to really encourage anyone: “YOU”, who might be reading my blog right now and this article at present, to be MOTIVATED, PASSIONATE and ONE HUNDRED INVESTED in something…. In anything really…! This, as long as it is filled with: Spirituality (always Number ONE in my book of LIFE), Gusto, Positivity, Truthfulness, Honesty, Compassion, Empathy, Kindness and Real Passion…! …Traveling to me therefore truly opens my eyes to admiring, observing, respecting and loving the DIVERSITY of people (even within the same country, region or/and continent) and equally as Environmentally Consciously and as I Organically and Spiritually (I already mentioned this one :)!) can be; by taking in and seizing the moment to explore the habitat of the geographic location in which I find myself…! For example: taking walking tours and not just vehicle motor tours, taking a canoe, a paddle boat or a row boat instead of the other modern highly pollutant boats… Going on small  wild, virgin beaches group entire week-ends’ or day tours (after having nonetheless carefully and meticulously researched and reviewed the veracity and safety of the tour), going on a horseback or on a bicycle Nature Friendly ride, spending an entire day or half a day with a small group tour at a naturally preserved National park like I did in Costa Rica and in South Africa and so forth..! I furthermore NEVER book a tour with either quite a few poor reviews or which DOES NOT come highly or at least fairly well recommended), with strict stringent recycling rules instead of going to overwhelming over-tourist populated on-line cyber super marketed beaches…! Moreover, as I am “child-free”, I am extremely and greatly FORTUNATE to being able to CHOOSE ANY TIME (and not simply the high season period), to travel to any parts of the world at present and at any time of the year I wish and please! This, as long as it is aligned and in accordance with my professional engagements’ scheduling of which my very small management team, (which includes two other people and myself), are as well entirely in control of!

…As such, I almost have the BEST of BOTH WORLDS 🤗! Indeed, as I am ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SELF-FUNDED at  the moment, I DO NOT have to COMPLY with anyone else’s stringent scheduling and I am neither COMPETING nor doing a marathon race, to travel to as MANY countries and continents as I possibly can, to just “stay in the competition!” I have NO INTENTIONS to ever do so either as it takes tons of ENERGY and STAMINA to hop on-and-off from airplanes, helicopters, trains, buses, boats etc on a continuous on-going basis…!!! I truly deeply admire the Travel Bloggers who do! I nonetheless ALWAYS have had (and this, as LONG as I can possibly remember), a Bucket List of countries and regions throughout our planet’s five continents I have dreamt to visit at one point or another prior to God calling my Spirit unto the next world..!.  …That and according to my personal financial means as: being self-sponsored also signifies no: FREE flights, hotels, private residential stays etc… (LOL, :))! …But this is a CONSCIOUS CHOICE that I have made  in order to be as TRANSLUCID and as TRANSPARENT as I possibly can via my present blog…! As a result, if I therefore mention a certain airline company, hotel, resort, Air BnB lodging, restaurant and/or other brands on my very blog, it is not because I MUST but simply because of my personal TRUTHFUL, HONEST perspective, experience and appreciation of the place precisely no matter the country, continent and/or location in our huge, complex world…! As an International Spoken Words’ Artist, Author, Speaker and Presenter: my flights, stays and traveling expenses are mostly ALL PAID FOR during the time of my professional engagements but when I am however finished with my engagements and obligations, EVERYTHING after that then becomes SELF-FINANCED once I return to the “road less traveled by” (to quote one of my favourite English speaking poets: Robert Frost, of which poetry I studied in depth in high school, (which I attended in Paris, France as my Dear Beloved mother’s employment was based there at that time) 😀 !

All Pictures Courtesy of Irene Inspirational Traveler and were taken at Puerto Plata’s Playa Dorada’s Blue Bay’s Resort and Spa in The Spanish Caribbean Island of The Dominican Republic

My 10 TOP REASONS why I adamantly LOVE to travel SOLO as a Non-Sponsored Traveler and Travel Blogger are as follow below:


1. The FREEDOM and LIBERTY I am afforded to SELECT and CHOOSE when and where I will be traveling to, without having to WAIT FOR someone else’s schedule.

2. The IMMENSE PRIVILEGE I have to EXPLORE the world the EXACT WAY I wish to and to then write about it for my blog as well as for international magazines and websites.

3. The EQUALLY IMMENSE PRIVILEGE I have to CHOOSE and DECIDE on the type of LODGING, AMENITIES and entire EXPENSES I wish to spend on a specific trip according to my budget.

4. The FLEXIBILITY I have with regards to being able to choose the LENGTH of time as well as possibly EXTENDING and/or SHORTENING my stay, therefore only IMPACTING MYSELF.

5. The MULTIPLE POSSIBILITIES and OPTIONS I actually have to PLAN and to SPEND my days…! Whether this be: lounging at the beach and by the pool for entire day, interacting with other tourists and travelers and the staff at hand, deciding to schedule an entire sightseeing or week-end tour, spending several hours photographing a geographical location and/or site without having to worry about anyone else who might get tired and/or slightly annoyed by it and do trust me on this: …Even your closest friends and boyfriend eventually can user the scorching desert heat such as Florida or Morrocco and the freezing cold temperatures such as in Canada or Iceland in winter time… Where, as an afterthought I, myself felt my fingers and nails becoming a bit frost-bitten and hurried up with my the few pics I captured (LOL)! But if I MUST be HONEST for this ONE, the flip coin of this is that I have NO ONE ELSE to photograph me on location or site and have to resolve to selfies whenever I travel alone :(!

6. The fact that I have my VERY OWN ROOM and BATHROOM as well as a BALCONY all to myself instead of having to SHARE as sometimes, we just NEED our PRIVATE SPACE… I am MORE THAN CERTAIN that more of the Ladies and perhaps too, some men will AGREE with me on this… :)!

7. Being able to eat at whatever TIME and wherever PLACE that PLEASES me, myself and I, without having to COMPROMISE my VERY BUD TASTE at that VERY MOMENT…!!! …As when the tummy is craving and hungry for something specific (for me, this mostly involves tasting the local food for my main meals), one most certainly MUST SATISFY one’s BUD TASTES but this one also has a DOWNSIDE to it as I NO LONGER CAN COUNT the amount of times that I have interiorly YEARNED for companionship while eating SOLO….!  I have however MASTERED my Solo Eating by ALWAYS bringing the current book I am reading, my notebook and a pen as well as an i-pad and camera and my cell phone with me, naturally…:)!  This, in order to not feel so lonely and draw attention on my Solo Plight (LOL)!!!! This, most especially as a woman and as a black woman furthermore in certain countries where male tourists and locals alike, might assume that my Solo Status is an invitation for them to come join me when truthfully it is ABSOLUTELY NOT….!  I HAVE furthermore joined a small group of adult females and males as well as groups of Solo females only, to eat with and have small non-invasive selective conversations and even later on, remained friends via the internet with some interesting, kind individuals from these impromptu meal group gatherings and spur of the moment companionships but my “Solo-ship” has NEVER been an opportunity for random men to just come and join me…!!! This, even for the Hardcore Perseverant Ones…!  In addition, I do not consume alcohol at all as I am allergic to it or any type of drugs for that matter…! My internal instincts and initial intuition and perception of an individual, speedily  kicks in and my long incessant stare moreover eventually forces them to scurry away as that simple firm, stern Most Definitely speaks for itself 🙃…!!! …One truly MUST BE on one’s guards AT ALL TIMES when traveling ALONE.. ESPECIIALLY women still very much today as men can be unwanted unwanted targets as well but the studies still very much do show that women are majorly targets and victims of Verbal, Psychological and Physical Assault in all countries…!!! To my Dear Female Solo Travelers, please do be careful out there as even though our world is MOST ASSUREDLY a Beautiful Diverse One, it is also a world which warrants for us to develop wisdom, vonscioousness, self-awareness and an acute sixth sense…!!!

8. The TREASURE and LUXURY I have and can actually CHOOSE to sit for HOURS ON END at my room’s balcony when I do have one as requested per my room reservation with my current book or simply meditating and/or day dreaming… With a freshly squeezed organic fruit juice, smoothie and/or herbal tea… Depending on the time and season as well as location :)! :)! :)!

9. The TREASURE and LUXURY I have to exercise, work-out and meditate as LONG as I wish to do so, in my room and/or outdoors as well as going to the spa for a massage and/or simply swimming laps at the pool.

10. The TREASURE and LUXURY I have to just SLEEP, NAP,  DAYDREAM once again and/or take super lengthy showers and LUXURIOUS baths :)! :)! :)!!

All Pictures on this page and on this blog for that matter, EXCLUSIVELY BELONG to and are COPY WRITTEN by Irene N.L.K. from Irene Inspirational Travels and CANNOT therefore nor be reproduced neither cut, copied and pasted without her authorization!

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