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During my Cultural Trip in The Dominican Republic’s region of Puerto Plata, I made sure to have several organized small group tours of which: taking “El Teleferico” or “El Cable”/The Teleferic Cable”, to spend an entire day at The Observatory.  Even though one can arrive at the top of Puerto Plata by car, taking the Teleferic Cable is MOST ASSUREDLY an experience within itself where one is told that we are giving our lives away, similar to when one signs up for the most daring adventures such as: bungy jumping, rope sliding, line zipping air balloon flying or sky diving….!!! In The Dominican Republic, there is however another humourous twist to it all…:)! …We are greeted by a small group of older traditional local musicians who perform a small show while we await for the cable…:)!  On our scary cable ride, from which one can most certainly admire Puerto Plata’s breathtaking scenic landscape from above as we are 793 meters high to arrive to “El Pico Isabel”; we are all holding tightly unto the poles and rails while our guide is making jokes to  sort of “soften” the mood as he informs us that inspectors from Spain -not from D.R. mind you, actually come to inspect the telephonic cable ONCE EVERY FOUR YEARS ONLY, which makes all of us gasp more (including the most seemingly emotionally and mentally contained ones) and makes us hold on even more tightly to the pole while some of us laugh at our guide’s statement by pure meager choice of not becoming histerical as we are in the middle of the air in this manmade cable rolling built box, taking us higher into elevation… :)! :)! :)! …And the ONLY individual to whom we have completely surrendered our dear beloved entire respective lives to, is the cable conductor  (LOL)!   Sidebar Note: I used to take the Roosevelt Island tramway (to and from) school with my sisters when we were children, while residing and attending school in Manhattan, New York City due to our mother’s employment…! Our school bus would pick us up and drop us off at the Manhattan’s  tramway’s stop throughout any season of the year and throughout the entire school year as neither my mother not our caretake possibly could. Today, one can easily get to Roosevelt Island by subway. Back then, the only other option to get to and from the city was by car.  My mother drove to her office in the city as she worked for the United Nations  and could not come to pick my sisters and I up as she was a “single mother” and would typically finish her work day several hours after school dismissal… We had a baby-sitter to watch us at home, (as my oldest sister was only eight at the time and my youngest sister was still a toddler then and as my father could not be with us either)!

…But returning to my Dominican Republic Sightseeing Trip via “El Teleferico” (as I have already stated in my previous blog post, I often have a tendency to digress when I am writing creatively and freely… :)! :)! :)! …I MUST acknowledge here that once one semi overcomes one’s fear of being squeezed and stuck in that man made rolling height elevated rolling box called the “teleferic cable box” 🙂  for a good fifteen minutes; (which seems more like forty minutes to an hour :)…! One does eventually relax a bit to observe and admire the amazing views below after one’s sensation of the highly trained car cable conductor, taking us straight into the luscious bushes and trees has dissipated… (LOL)!!! …And furthermore, amidst the heavy air fogginess due to the extremely elevated height….! Sidebar Note: two middle aged adults from my sightseeing tour group on that day, decided to remain behind and wait for us at the cable’s air-conditionned station on firm solid ground, where we had embarked to ride on the cable….! …The rest of us were battling for the best spots to photograph Puerto Plata’s Dominican scenery and landscape view, while still doing our very best to respectively hold on to cable’s poles and rails (TRIPLE LOL)! …But once we arrived at the other side of “El Pico del Monte De Isabel De Torres”, OH WHAT AN EXTRAORDINARY FABULOUS EYE CANDY TREAT…;)! :)! :)!!!!  …The same sensation one arrives at any high building Observatory in the world such as: The Rockefeller Center and/or The Empire Building in New York City or yet still, The Eiffel Tower in Paris..!!!  We were allotted ample time to walk throughout El Monte (which has a restaurant as well as an extensive art gift shop store… Our guide was oh too proud to stop and tell us about practically every single Beautiful carefully landscaped botanical flower, tree and/or plant…! As an adamant Nature Lover and born Poet, I was absolutely DELIGHTED , despite the pair’s high  humidity, hitting us hard..!!! We also took pictures at leisure…! The only pre-caution I have for anyone who plans to visit El Pico Del Monte De Isabel Del Torres, is that climbing the hill can be tiring towards the end… This, most especially that the climb is quite hilly…!!! Also, if one does not book a tour, please make sure to bring a large bottle of cold water as you may rest assured that you will indeed be quite thirsty…!!!  Some visitors and tourists are furthermore discouraged by the immense fog if visiting El Pico early in the morning as it is high up in elevation…! …My small group tour arrived around elevenish, when the fog was dissipating and giving way to clear amazing views of Puerto Plata and the Dominican Republi’s Coral Blue Cariibean Sea… !!!

…One No Longer remembers one’s FRIGHT and FEAR of the “TelefericO’s” cable ride… ….Oh, wait… …Until it is time to get back on it once again…

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