…Here is my background as to when and how I began to develop my very own Fashion Sense especially when traveling to tropical countries, which transpires throughout my travels…😊! I will write from time to time about my specific Clothing Style on my different trips as I very much enjoy to dress-up and as I moreover have ALWAYS been and will always FOREVER BE a “Girlie Girl 😀!” This, moreso as when I actually was a little girl, I used to absolutely be mesmerized by the classic ballerinas worldwide…! Indeed…! I ABSOLUTELY loooooooooooooooved everything about them! …Their grace, poise, elegance and what about that mandatory classic French “chignon”/hair bun in English… :😊???!!! …I was in such awe for them that I would tip-toe barefoot around my family’s home wherever we lived to. imitate them… 😊!  …This, even though I more than often interiorly wondered how they could stand on their tip-toes and dance for hours on end without sustaining themselves on anything else with their arms and hands dancing on each sides! …I would indeed secretly dream about becoming a ballerina myself, and elegantly “ballereening”  my way through stage just like them and alongside with them…! …Oh but at some point in my very childhood and innocent mind, I was however rudely awakened to reality where I had to forcibly weed my little naive girl’s dream out of my soft nights as well as out of my child’s brain as I realized that EVERY SINGLE ONE of those pretty ballerinas were of a DIFFERENT skin complexion and tone skin than mine 😞…! -Or perhaps, did one of my sisters or my very mother awakened and shook me to our world’s reality with regards to my child Ballerina’s dream…! …Oh, but years later, another girl would prove the whole entire world wrong and live my dream and that of many non-white girls’ dream for us…! Her name is: Misty Copeland: the first Lead Ballerina of a darker tone complexion and race to have the main lead in a Classic ballet.. 🤗! …And then in my pre-teen and teen period, as my family lived in two European countries, one of my closest sisters and my very self, would indirectly be driven into the fashion world…  -You know, the pressure is quite emphasized when you live in a couple of European capital cities, where you are surrounded by all-around thin socially fashionable conscious friends to top it all…🙂!!!  As a result, what I call “Diversified Fashion”, was MOST DEFINITELY all around us while my sisters and I were growing up…!!! This, most especially that we were surrounded by international people from all different nationalities, cultures, ethnicities and race like ourselves …☺️! …Due to my Beloved mother’s international profession! It was in  fact in my teen years that I actually purchased my very first fashion magazine and continued to do so when I arrived at my undergraduate college here, in the States therefore following the lead of my two older sisters (I am the middle child of six girls 😉) as one would purchase her weekly magazine with regards to the European Royalty and the other one would purchase her weekly magazine about the Hollywood movie starts…  I, in turn would follow suit in keeping up with my interest in fashion…!. ..It was in undergraduate college as well, that I would purchase my very first Vogue Magazine and it was in undergraduate college again that I would receive a thoughtful notification that I was one out of the first five monthly subscribers of a certain magazine, which is presently famous worldwide and has been for quite some time! I am furthermore certain to have kept this particular magazine’s cordial, kind post-mailed “Congrats” notification somewhere as a solid proof of my being one of the magazine’s very first subscribers… 🤗! As my sisters and I, furthermore attended high school in Europe, one of them (the one previously mentioned above and who comes right after me as well as her twin) and some of who our respective girlfriends were already dabbling in modeling here and there… My sister herself would ultimately be hired on a non-contractual basis by one of France’s biggest top designers then (he is still very much in business today and has dressed some of our world’s most famous celebrities) a few years later as I had already left Europe for the United States, to focus on my university studies (as it was highly demanded and expected in my family even though two out of five of my sisters eventually dropped-out of college…). …But four girls out of six, pursuing and obtaining their higher degrees in different fields is still a pretty good percentage, considering that my Dear Beloved Mother was a Single Mother raising her six girls alone and moreover abroad!  …My sister would eventually be hired to do several cat walks in Paris and a couple right here: in New York city but she still had to hold a full-time job, due to the fact that she was on a non-steady contract….! …As she would later mention to me, she very much also disliked and felt very uncomfortable with regards to the then extremely dangerous and toxic inside modeling world in general..! ..She could only relate this from her very own experience and from hers only and NO ONE else’s…!!! …I myself, very much have learned to avoid stereotypes years ago, as I dislike when anyone stereotypes my family, my friends, my relatives and/or myself..! …We can now fast forward to the present and to the following paragraph…

…As even though I am older today, I still very much love to dress-up and to emphasize my own unique fashion style no matter whether I am getting ready to go out for the night and/or just hanging out with my friends and/or my partner and/or as of yet, when I have a casual professional or non-professional event to attend…! I moreover am from the school of thoughts that I define my style as much as my style defines my mood…! …And this, from head to toe 😊!😊!😊! Henceforth, the reason for this present blog article and these pics below… 🤗! Lastly, I also decided  several years ago upon my Dear Beloved Mother’s and a couple of my friends’ and relatives’ passing away, that life is simply way TOO SHORT for one, to NOT POSITIVELY FULLY live it with GUSTO and spiritually intimately explore it as one wishes…! This, even through one’s own clothing….! …Well, as long as one is 100% FULLY AWARE that there are many countries and communities where a certain dress code MUST BE RESPECTED…! If one does not wish to abide by that country’s and/or that community’s views and social norms…!  -If I do not smoke at my home and let my guests know this in advance, why would a guest purposely offend me, disrespect my rules in my home or building and light a cigarette up when my whole entire building states: “non-smoking….?” …Now, let us turn the tables around and reverse this scenario… If I in turn am invited by one of my friends who is a smoker and whom I know in advance is one and smokes in her/his home…  Well then, I as well have NO RIGHT to moralize and impose my smoking harmful effects and my non-smoking benefits’ speech to my smoking friend…!!! …This is the BEST analogy I could find while writing this article as R-E-S-P-E-C-T is one of the MOST IMPORTANT 101 basic rules when traveling and the way I will decide to dress-up in order to not OFFEND anyone commmunity’s already set and established rules, then one should simply abstain from traveling there and/or from imposing one’s internal beliefs and social codes… If you do not agree with them, you can always write, blog and/or post about it, mobilize & sensitize people starting on your public internet social pages, once and solely once you have safely & soundly left that country and vowed to not return until the changes for which you are s profoundly for and that you are actively lobbying for, have been made…! Otherwise, just respevtively culturally assimilate and abide by the specific  community’s and respective country’s norms…. Quick Reminder: we are still talking about Clothes & Fashion here…!

…I just wanted to post my first light, fun fashion statement blog as even though I thoroughly LOVE the creative process of writing and of producing content for my fairly new blog page, I will “lighten” it up at times because life is already extremely serious as it is and because as well, if you do go to my Public Facebook Page, you can read some of my serious societal articles about serious subject matters, which should concern us all! …You see…???!! I very much do practice what I preach…! …This, as we love and breathe in the ONE and SAME ONLY world!  SPECIAL NOTE: It is NOT because TERRIBLE things go on in our world on a daily basis, that we cannot “lighten-up” the mood sometimes by posts and blogs such as this one. …As MANY Bloggers also donate to Charitable Local Agencies in certain countries we travel to and similar to celebrities, we equally raise awareness on our respective platforms, whether it be via our Blogs, Facebook and/or Instagram pages about something that truly socially perturbs us…! …Through this “Light-Hearted” blog  post and my pictures below, my clothes and swimwear just allow for my own ingrained fashion personality to come out 😊!😊!😊! …Please, do also remember that my motivation for blogging and posting my personal traveling pictures, is for people & you to see that I am just like you and anyone else…! …By no means, am I extraordinarily wealthy and neither are my clothes “Haute Couture” in French/High End Fashion in English and Highly Expensive as I possibly CANNOT afford expensive high-end clothes…! …Neither do I as well fit the mold of a super model, nor are my pictures perfectly retouched…! Rather, these pictures of mine I choose to post on my blog, are pictures which illustrate my Constant Traveler’s and Writer’s State of mind…! …My Mental and Physical HAPPY PLACE I ALWAYS crave to safely be at…😊!😊!😊! …Well…!!! …This, simply because even though it has taken me Oh many: Years, Hardships, Pain, Labour, Sacrifice, Failure, Self-Doubt and many a Tears Shed to arrive at this Spiritual, Mental and Physical  place in time and in my little corner of the world; all three: geographically, physically and spiritually (not necessarily in this order, nstnatura..,)!!!

All brightly fully smiling in my yellow top, to match the bright shiny sun with my beach basket as an accessory and double jingly vibrant yellow bracelets!

Going Out for the night with a group of two women I met a couple of days earlier on one of my group sightseeing tours 🙂 ! Traveling Solo DOES NOT mean that one is a total HERMIT and anti-social to others (LOL 😉)! I furthermore always trust my very first instincts upon people/a person’s intentions when I meet them; to judge whether or not I can hang out with them without worries as my instincts have NEVER failed me throughout these  10 years I have mainly been traveling on my very owm! …I have furthermore chosen this blue “tunique” dress and a red lipstick as a contrast to my skin colour and to also not wearing any jewelery at all, aside from my earrings 😊!

Okay, okay, okay 😊!😊!😊! So, you have seen this light red and white striped dress several times in my Puerto Plata: Dominican Republic’s Trip’s blog articles😊! I just love these light sleeveless dresses as they neither do they take much space in your luggage: a carry-on more specifically, nor do they wrinkle easily and they are oh so comfortable to wear 😉! …Whether on a group day tour (where I wore the dress pictured above on my scheduled Puerto Plata City Tour) or exploring interesting sites with your significant other (if you have one) and/ or as yet still: whether simply going on a sightseeing boat ride or hanging-out with new or longtime friends at the resort’s/villa’s/hotel’s you are staying at and/or town’s, city’s restaurants, cafes you are going to and/or as of yet, while visiting a museum, an art exhibit or attending a concert or aa music festival or simply lounging at the beach or even as of yet at your room’s or villa’s patio and/or balcony for a nice cool afternoon with your travel buddies, relatives and friends… Or as it has customarily been the case for me throughout these past 10 years of my life: in your very own company 😉…! …As a result, a simple light dress with reusable accessories (such as my beach pink and blue basket bag 😉) are absolutely on my “Must Have” clothes to pack in my luggage list….😊! …That is, when I am headed to being greeted by exquisite, soothing, warm, tropical weather 🙂! ….Oh and I ALWAYS bring along with me, at least two and at times, three or four pairs of sunglasses as I can truly become bored with always having to wear the same sun glasses all of the time 😀! 🙃! 😀!  …And it furthermore did not hurt in  this particular picture, that my resort’s security “not to be removed” red bracelet actually matches my red and white striped dress 😉! (I should have furthermore worn a red tank top underneath my red dress…)!  It is moreover very helpful to take a series of pics and lay down your clothes prior to the trip as I have had to repack my luggage a few times over in the past (which truly is NOT at ALL my favourite thing to do…😐)! I presently just get several sets of clothes out and spread them on my bed, to make sure that I am taking what I want and will NOT miss any of them in case my luggage gets lost! I also equally spread my accessories to match my carefully selected items alongside my shawls, jewelry, flip-flops, sandals, shoes and other additional accessories such as my belts, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, purses etc…🙂! …And please, do notice my matching red nail polish 😊!😊!😊! Special Note: I ALWAYS make sure to get my fimger nails manicured and my finger toes pedicured all: freshly painted as well and a gentle hands’ & feet massage and everything painted (might as well as I am there at my nail salon, right😉)?! & as I have furthermore carefully budgeted to treat myself prior to traveling (as a self-sponsored Traveler, Travel Blogger, Travel Writer, Travel Influencer  & Travel Explorer, I mostly still travel the least expensive & most affordable way I can, to stretch my finances even in my Forever mid thirties’ age: Economy Class 😉…)! This, even if I need a retouch on my sixth, seventh or tenth day on my trip! Oh and I naturally also go to my hairdresser… 😊! …For as I have previously stated either at the beginning of this blog and/or in a previous one, I am & have ALWAYS been a Girlie Girl after all…😊😊😊😉😉😉…!!!

…Above is, another Bright Light Blue outfit (can you tell that blue is amongst my favourite colours… LOL😊) ????!!!  Anyhow, this was a formal event I was getting ready to go to and as this dress is very revealing relative to the ahem… Bosom area… 😉! …I strategically placed this white sweater over my shoulders…! Also, as I am very “matchy-matchy” during my busy work weeks when I have meetings, professional engagements and “rendez-vous” when I am NOT traveling but am at my longtime home of residence in New York City; I purposely often just mix my colors (except from my sandals, flip-flops and shoes when I find myself in a warm tropical weather…,! …And even though my hair is short, I still manage to “mess it up a bit” and to diversify its short style… A throw-on sweater can furthermore easily replace a shawl and/or a jewelry piece or set and even be more useful than the two other accessories as by the time the event you attended with relatives and friends and/or with your partner is over, it might have gotten quite frisky and the mosquitoes might have gotten your events’ attendance memo as well… 🤗!🤗!🤗! Special Note: I usually have a small anti-mosquito bite lotion or spray at all times in my purse and light pastel coloured pants at times when I know that the event is taking place outside near the beach, lake, pond etc; as it really can get cold, to change in later…!!! …Oh and having a couple of different lipsticks’ shades and colours is also somethng I bring along eiwi me on my travels, (if you do wear lipstick…)! Most of my products are organic and free of strong chemicals! Your make-up wear are also items to bring with you and choose the one(s) you want to wear and take in your purse for a touch-up at some point throughout the evening  😉!

…Now…! Just imagine me eating at this particular event with a couple I met and had a small chit-chat talk during cocktail hour, without this white sweater…!  …Or rather, DO NOT IMAGINE…😉!  …As I have previously stated, a nice pair of accessories (long earrings with a tip of blue to match my royal blue dress colour for me in this case), is all that is needed to put an accentuated overall touch to the outfit ☺️! I apologize if this picture is a bit blurry…! The person who took it forgot to gently wipe the camera’s lenses off, most unfortunately leaving it a tidbit blurry and foggy!

This full body picture above was taken on my very last night out: dinner outside of Puerto Plata’s Playa Dorada’s Beautiful Blue Bay’s Resort & Spa and then for a live show after dinner back at the resort with the small group of people (a Russian-Canadian woman traveling solo like me and a very young Russian couple) I had met and hung out with here and there for a couple of days before. An off-the-shoulder top is ALWAYS one of my favorite contenders as I find it quite elegant  and classy..:)! …Yes, indeed 😉! I am totally a “mini” dress and a “mini” skirt Tropically Infused kind of girl 😉! …Plus, mini outfits were NEVER excluded in my household when I was growing up…! This, as long as they were worn with elegance, class and poise…! …My sisters and I, still have a bunch of pictures of my Dear Beloved progressive evolved modern mother wearing minis (🤗) on week-ends and vacation trips in the western countries we grew up and lived in…! I furthermore DO NOT BELIEVE in clothes’ age restrictions either…😉! …As age is truly a “socially established mindset” in my book! …At least, when it exclusively comes to legal adults (meaning, adults above eighteen)! We moreover have eighteen year olds and minors for that matter, being parents to their own parents and fifty/sixty year olds totally despicable, atrocious adults such as: abusers, molesters and pedophiles (men and women alike)!!!! I also ALWAYS choose: Class, Charm and Elegance over Vulgarity…! …And as I have previously stated, vibrant colours are just a lot of fun to mix and match with the more subdued colour scheme ranges out there..😊! …And I simply topped it all off with the only pairs of heel pumps I brought along with me on this trip :)! Important Memo: I used to travel with a large suitcase where I customarily brought too many outfits and at least five pairs of shoes of which some never actually left my suitcase (LOL😊) ! …I have just recently (about a year ago) learned that traveling with a simple carry-on and just packing for the exact amount of clothes I will be wearing on my trip, is not such a difficult undertaking after all, thanks to my partner… 😊! …That is, relative to trips that are no longer than ten days or less and when I only have a minimum amount of events and night-outs to attend 🤗! …If you too are like me and presently wish to downsize your packing, try to pack your carry-on in advance (at least a week to five days prior to your short trip) and spread all of the clothes you think will be best to wear and then (because if once again, you are like me: most probably taking the double or even triple of clothes out of your closet like a maniac 🤗!, carefully sort them out by “casual day” and “evening wear” (the same goes with your shoes and accessories 🙂!  …Once you have done this, you can at last downsize by calculating your selected outfits and accessories to match the amount of times you will actually be changing your clothes… 😊! …Including your swimwear attires if you do plan to be anywhere near the water…! …And also pack three or four sweaters and shawls as well for those frisky evenings! ….I always have a bright colourful vivid shawl, an either black, white, off-white, beige and a pastel coloured one… As for those of us who have fallen in love with those charming Sumner hats 🤗 , two summer hats are more than sufficient for a five-to-ten days’ stay and/or for less anywhere you travel in this world 😊! …Oh and do keep in mind that you might be purchasing a new outfit or two as well as some accessories and/or a new bag and some extra souvenirs for your family, in-laws, relatives and friends before returning home…😀😀😀!  You  therefore MUST NOT forget to leave some extra space in your carry-on luggage to avoid having to buy another one at the airport and pay an extra luggage fee… :(! …Once you have given (oh NOT without an internal battle & dire want to take that bigger non-carry on suitcase with you and transfer all your clothes inside of it…. Trust Me, I have been there several times already 😉😉😉) …! …The  only other important “MUST TAKE” items with you, will therefore be your: passport, some cash money with the country’s appropriate currency and at least two of your travel credit cards…! ….NOT TO FORGET:  your smile and some soulful positively infused vibes and energy… 😂😂😂…! …And you are all set to jet-off to your travel destination with your very own Uniquely Effortlessly Personalized Fashion Sense & Style :)! :)! :)! “Excellent Voyage, alors…!!!”/”Que sagas un excellent via, entrances…!!!”/\MAY YOU HAVE AN EXCELLENT SAFE TRIP THEN… 😉 😉😉…!!!

Here above, is a double close-up picture of the same outfit.. With a different lighting…. Well, -why not..

😉 !? :😉 !? 😉!?

It does not really matter what you are wearing: whether in a casual outfit, an evening outfit or a swimsuit… it does not matter what age, race/multi-race and/or nationality/nationalities you are… What matters MOST is your Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Personality, Elegance, Poise, Class and Sassiness…!!! Whether with wet hair or dried hair,  whether in white or in any other colour you have chosen to wear….. “Wear it, Own it and Show it… 😊😊😊…!!!

 PS: I have just patented and copy written myself….


I know that I have already posted this picture below in a previous post but I am nonetheless reposting this very pic from a previous article blog, as I omitted to mention that I also suggest that you bring a pair or two of shorts…. And FYI: they make very affordable fashionable high-end ones these days 🙂! I, myself tend to buy mine at Anne Taylor Loft, The Gap and/or Zara when I find GREAT sales as I find that their short styles respectively fit and hug my silhouette… 😀 ! A belt and a nice well ironed tank top, are all you need to shine in your Fashion Uniqueness…😉!

As I love bracelets, I have one matching my tank top in this very picture….

!😀! 😀! 😀!

Below, you once again see me in an off the shoulder’s bright yellow top… There was a time in my adolescence, that my mother was so worried as I used to dress-up all in black… Alas, those teen years 🙃…!!! ..Thank goodness, those days are long gone and whenever I embark on a TROPICAL trip to any tropic country in the world, I ALWAYS effortlessly pack the clothes that have the brightest colours in my closest..😊!

I was told a longtime ago, that Bright Clothes bring out the HAPPINESS in people… ☺️! I truly had no idea that I would even blend in and match with the landscape’s scenery upon choosing this off-the shoulders’ top

😊! 😊! 😊!

….Here below, is a full picture of me, wearing tmy bright blue dress with a white sweater over my shoulders and a pair of black heel pumps that are open in the back. I paused for a picture, right before attending a Cultural Artistic event with the two young women I had met a couple of days before while eating breakfast  😊!

….As I have previously stated and as I am presently once again stating here, I truly DO NOT BELIEVE in Clothes’ Age Restrictions…😒😯😒! Like I have nonetheless stated in one of my previous articles, is that I VERY MUCH do believe in respecting a country’s dress code when there is an established one if I choose to travel to a specific country and/or visit a particular community within that country. As a result, I really take advantage when traveling to any place, where I can wear light clothes and/or a sexy, body appealing swimsuit 😊! …There was a time in my late adolescence and really early adulthood, when I did not dare wear a two piece suit as I was not at all comfortable with my figure, shape and body (even though my dear beloved mother always had my sisters and I, follow a healthy balanced diet and a regular at exercise routine). They  were indeed always emphasized and practised in my family household while growing up. …Random people I encounter while lounging at the swimming pool or wading and playing with the acquainted blue water at the beach, often ask me where it is that I purchase my bathing suits… I have been quite fortunate to find really affordable ones at H&M stores…. I customarily purchase the higher priced and stylish ones at New York’s City’s 34th Street’s Macy’s or at New York City’s Downtown Fulton’s Century 21st (since I live in NYC: New York City… 🙂)! …And I also have purchased some of them online… You see, you do not have to live in New York City, to physically come to shop to the stores I have just mentioned above as you can actually shop online without having to move from the comforts of your home 😉! This, most especially if you either have a million and one things to do and/or live with children as one CANNOT beat shopping online in any country and/or parts of the world one finds herself/himself in 😉! 😉! 😉!

…Even in swimsuit wear, I love to try different shades and ranges of my favourite colours… 😉! Blue is most definitely one of them 😊😊😊..! I fell in love with this royal blue swimwear as soon as my eyes fell upon it 🙂! …A matching accentuated summer hat, flip flops, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, a good 100% organic oil scented mixture of my own making, my beach bag, my cell phone, i-pad and a really interesting book are all I need to spend some great R&R (rest and relaxation) time anywhere I choose to travel to where the tropics and the shining sun rays are there to greet me 😊!

Black or white are two of my “safe go to” colours as I really cannot go wrong with either one… 😊 ! When I however choose a black and/or a white swimsuit, I ALWAYS look at the style that equally suit my personality…! I therefore still try to have have fun with my plain black and white bathing suits (as one of my white swimwears is featured in a couple of pictures above). What I absolutely love about the black bathing suit below, is that its strategically placed colorful brooch, adds vividness and a rainbow palette to my otherwise “simply all black” suit 😉! PS: Your stomach is bound to stick out a bit in a picture, when you just had a full lunch buffet and head out straight to the beach and pool, for the entire afternoon… Well, just because…

(LOL 😊 ) !!!

Thoroughly enjoying a full afternoon in my black colourful brooch swimsuit😊!-Who ever said that black could not be fun…???!!!