If you read my very first part: Part I of the various parts of my Puerto Plata’s week long trip, where I recounted my arrival at Puerto Plata’s Internationpoal Airport and my impressions upon arriving and visiting The Beautiful Dominican Republic for the very first time, you might have been wondering what is there to do  besides lounging at Puerto Plata’s beautiful beaches…😊! You might already furthermore have guessed my answer to this as I posted all about my trip to El Mount Isabel via “El Teleferico” in Spanish\The Cable Car in English…. As well as my trip on the same day to “La Fortaleza”\The Fortress with pictures as a proof of my visit to these two places in  a previous post (LOL)!!! I also mentioned my Puerto Plata daytime City group tour as well as my evening outings with the small group of respective people I met in Puerto Plata during my stay.  Below, you will presently find my list of “To Do Things” if my Puerto Plata’s Blog Travel Series have inspired you to visit this gorgeous Spanish speaking pretty large Caribbean island (you can furthermore read all about its history as well, in one of my blog series 😊! I will always make sure to add my “To Do Things” List and Suggestions at the end of my articles and article blog series (as I also most definitely equally invite you to do your very own research)!  Please, very much do note that I am fully also aware that we each have a different way, style, preference and budget when traveling… !  As a result, my “Things To Do” List is ONLY a suggestion and introductory guide for anyone who stumbles upon this article! Before I embarked on launching my very own blog and followed several bloggers, I would always look forward (and still do even though I hardly have the time to read them these days as I have my own blog now…)! I moreover presently customarily navigate and browse through their respective Instagram and Facebook posts rather than their blogs for lack of time!


1. Visit Mount Isabel Del Torres via The Car Cable

…If you are BRAVE enough to take it, where you can spend several hours to see and admire Puerto Plata’s and its ocean’s scenery from up high as well as admire the various plants and trees in The Mount and shop for local Dominican and Haitian art!




“The Fort” in English, where you have guides taking you inside La Fortaleza’s Museum and where you can roam around outside and mentally transport yourself to another century and time when La Isla Hispaniola was one and only country…! You can furthermore listen to the interpreter’s tale of La Fortaleza’s History in your respective language (if you do not understand Spanish) and admire the views and sceneries from above…! Very Important Crucial Note: Even though there is a picture of me next to La Fortaleza’s only remaining historical canon, I by no means am promoting weapons and weapon violence!  I paused next to the canon as it is a historical part of La Fortaleza! You can browse through my blog’s article piece about the history of both: The Dominican Republic and La Fortaleza! as they are and will always FOREVER BE interconnected..!


3. Book Yourself A Puerto Plata’s San Felipe City Tour:

4. Visit The Amber Museum:

5. Visit A Coffee, Plant and Fruit Plantation:

If you really have an extraordinarily low tolerance for any types of bugs and insects, I DO NOT RECOMMEND this tour for you…!  However, for the rest of you who can take a couple of hours in the scorching tropical heat once you leave the coziness of the air conditioned small group comfortable bus, this is an absolute “Must Do” tour, to discover a typical Dominican coffee, plant and fruit plantation where your charming guide (if you are so fortunate to have a chatty funny one who is truly passionate with regards to his job and meeting a variety of diverse people visiting his Beautiful country from all four corners of the world); where he will lead you and define every single encountered fruit tree and plant…!!! You will also learn how coffee grows from the beginning to the end, until it is marketed throughout the nation and abroad!  The bonus on this very tour, is visiting a traditional Dominican plantation home as well as the coffee and tropical fruit break at the end of your tour and prior to heading back on your bus…!!!!  Another superb bonus, is meeting the families who live and work on the plantation …  On my tour, my group was fortunate enough to even meet one of the original plantation owners, who still lives on the plantation with her children, grand children and  great grand children…!!!

PS: Sunglasses are absolutely MANDATORY as well as having lathered and/or sprayed enough anti-mosquito bite protection preferably: organic product on you and you must not be sensitive to sun heat, sun exhaustion or sun stroke and be able to endure a couple of hours standing up and walking through lush bushes and trees…!

6. Spend A Day At A Wild Eco-Friendly Beach Located A Couple of Hours Away From Puerto Plata City and Get Involved In The Fun Group Activities:

As an Environmentally Conscious Individual, I try to do my part (even though a small one for now), in contributing in my own way to consciously engage in our eco-friendly environment. This tour was really an affirmative, comforting one as we visited a wild untouched beach, where there are no hotels, no resorts, no villas, no restrictions, no boutique souvenirs” stores, no man-made bathrooms so that there is no human pollution!  More and more, governments from high Caribbean tourist friendly countries and nations such as: Costa Rica (where I lived in for a full year in my early youth and where I returned with two close girlfriends of mine and also served as their private guide and interpreter) a few years ago) and The Dominican Republic, are setting strict necessary Long-Term Sustainable Environmental Friendly rules! This, in order to maintain some of their beaches Ecosystems and to avoid sea water mass pollution due to the tourist influx…!  My goal therefore is to travel and stay more and more in eco-friendly resorts wherever and whenever possible whnever I embark on a Cultural Trip!

If I therefore decided to at last launch my very own blog, it is primarily due to my Absolute Passion for Traveling and to inspire anyone who comes across my through my traveling blog, site pictures and various photo smiling appearing faces, to most assuredly furthermore raise awareness relative to ECO-ENVIRONMENT CONSCIOUSLY RESPONSIBLY FRIENDLY TRAVELING…!!! This, as our planet is getting sicker and sicker due to years of man’s CARELESSNESS and OBVIOUS NEGLECT of our earth worldwide…!!!



7. Visit The Worldwide Exported Brugal Family Rhum Making Century Old Factory:


No pictures are allowed to be taken inside of the Brugal Factory except for its rhum boutique store for rightful, purposeful reasons! I therefore only took the pictures of below:



The series of photo grids below, show the old traditional way in which The Brugal Rhum was made in the early century.  It is presently made modernly inside of the impressive factory!

8. Visit A Traditional Cigar Making Factory


I do not smoke and have never consumed any type of tobacco  but still found it quite interesting to visit a traditional cigar making factory as cigar making throughout the Caribbean has been in existence for many centuries, since it has been and very much still is being exported worldwide and gives sustainable permanent employment to its local workers!


9. Visit An Art Market Store At Puerto Plata San Felipe’s City, Downtown And Perhaps, Shop For Some Beautiful Dominican And Haitian Carefully Locally Crafted Art Frames, Sculptures, Jewelries, bags, Artifacts etc.. 😀!


Dominican and Haitian Art Are Extremely Intermixed and Interconnected Due To Their Respective Shared Histories And Can Therefore Be Difficult To Differentiate As There Are Many Haitian Artists Who Reside And Work In The Dominican Republic, Therefore Landing Their Talent And Craft To The Dominican Industry.. !


10. Spend Some Wonderful, Exquisite Quality Time, Luxuriating At The  Beach and/or Lounging By Your Resort’s or Private Villa’s/Condo’s or Rented Apartment’s Pools..

😀! 😀! 😀!


Do please protect yourself and your beloved ones from the sun rays, by organic sunscreen oils’ anti sunburn protection when you are  not in the water as prolong time exposed under the sun may cause long-term sunburn and melanoma, which is skin cancer in Non-Medical terms! I furthermore always rent a full Cabana… It is most assuredly worth your vacation investment as your health is PRICELESS and cannot be REPLACEABLE…!!! I always go to the upscale Resort’s (four to five star hotels when culturally traveling to the Caribbean. I have furthermore never as of yet been to the few existent six star ones 🤗)! The large comfortable beach cabanas and swimming pool lounging chairs and umbrellas are therefore FREE for me to use as they are part of my overall rtrip  package! Be absolutely certain to therefore first verify the additional rental price range if you are not planning to stay at an upscale rated hotel resort, villa or condo apartment and budget accordingly!

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