Even though I only spent a week in The Dominican Republic and the fact that this was my first ever trip in this Beautiful Spanish Speaking Tropically Diverse Caribbean Island, I feel that I can nonetheless give my personal account and experience with regards to how I spent most of my evenings and enjoyed the Nightlife in Puerto Plata’s upscale Playa Dorada as a Solo Traveler 🤗🤗🤗…!!! (Please, also refer to my article entitled “Traveling Solo”, to find out how I have stayed SAFE as a BLACK FEMALE who has mostly traveled alone throughout these past seven years…)!

My personal account with regards to Puerto Plata’s Nightlife,  is furthermore only that of a tourist’s as opposed to that of an expatriate or local…! …And my stay was not lengthy enough for me to patronize the various restaurants, lounges and night clubs in San Felipe known as Puerto Plata’s Downtown City Central! Also, just like the several tourist beach cities I have traveled to so far in the countries listed below, the locals who can afford it often gravitate towards the tourist filled geared restaurants, bars, lounges and nightclubs as they are more multicultural and diverse and as they as well perhaps give a sense of being more secured (even though I am of the group of travelers and individuals who firmly believe that whatever is to most unfortunately happen, WILL HAPPEN regardless of how well a place is protected… 😔)! This  is the very reason why we should most definitely live our respective lives to its FULLEST as long as we live it in a Spiritually (always FIRST in my book), Emotionally, Psychologically and Physically Healthy Positive Organic, Holistic Eco-Friendly way (again, this is just my sole and personal opinion)! As previously stated, I have moreover listed the different beach or water centralized port countries, islands and regions where I have either lived/traveled to/or both and in which I noticed the repetitive common patterns of both: the tourists and locals intermingling together in their social lives… Especially at night…! I furthermore have traveled in more cities and states mentioned below (within the U.S.) and still have three official continents: (Asia, The Middle East and Australia) as well as three sub-continents: (South America, The Pacific Islands and Antarctica) in which I have not set foot as of yet…! Then again as an afterthought, I am not quite certain to make it all the way to Antarctica 🙂🙃🙂…!!! Here are nonetheless my list of port water fronts and/or sea countries, islands and regions I have already been to: San Diego, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Savannah, Martha’s Vineyard (to only name a few in the United States), Cape-Town (South Africa), Marrakech (Morocco), Matadi (The Democratic Republic of Congo – my country of origin), Brazzaville (The Republic of Congo) relative to the African countries I have either lived in and/or visited so far; Marseilles, La Camargue’s region, Deauville (Normandy) and Nice for the cities and regions I have lived in and visited in France; Pollensa-Mallorca and Barcelona (for the cities I have lived in and visited in Spain); Guanacaste, Nicoya, Playas Del Coco, Limon, Puerto Viejo, Tortuguero, Mal Pais, La Cruz and Cahuita (in one of the world’s number ONE eco-friendly countries: Costa Rica) as I spent an entire year and later returned to Costa Rica for two full weeks; La Isla Flamenco, La Isla Del Coco and Punta Culebra (all situated in Panama), where I travelled just recently: a couple of months ago! My next extensive series of blog articles will in fact be about my week long Panama trip (after my upcoming Mediterranean European Summer trip), geographically located in Central America lie Costa Rica! …And last but most certainly not least: Nassau & Treasure Cay Beach Island (in the paradisiacal islands of The Bahamas 😊…)!


I will eventually have to periodically revisit my list as I continue on my Free-Lance World Exploration and Travel Journey 😉…! …Yet in the meantime and without further ado, here is my list of my four top “Nightlife” Things To Do In Puerto Plata…😀!”:



1. Attend at least one night show, a special cocktail or dinner party organized at your resort or elsewhere…! The perks here of you attending an event at your resort, is that: You DO NOT even need to leave your resort (if you are staying in one), as most resorts bring the entertainment to YOU 😊 and have their weekly entertainment information posted somewhere and readily available for you if it is not posted. You can furthermore request the schedule at the front desk or ask where exactly is the schedule posted! It customarily is posted at a central location 🙂…!

2. Go out to a Special Event and/or “Soirée Evening” outside of your resort… I have done this several times now as a Solo Traveler or even when traveling with a couple of friends and/or relatives… Try to find out in advance if there is a special “Soirée” or event you are interested in, prior to flying out, so that you can purchase your tickets in advance online on the actual event’s safe sight and/or as soon as you arrive to your destination..! I have attended galas, concerts, dinners, cocktail parties, rooftop parties etc…! Make sure however, to leave your hotel keys upfront at the main lobby and notify one of the front desk clerks where you are going and with whom…! …As you SHOULD ALWAYS put your SAFETY FIRST, when traveling…! I am furthermore NEITHER a drinker NOR a substance abuse user of any shape or form…! This, not for any religious purposes (as I have been asked many times) but moreso because I have NEVER liked the smell of alcohol and strongly believe that I am allergic to its smell as it sometimes gives me goose pumps…! I  also like to be IN CHARGE of ALL my capacities at ALL TIMES…! …I as well am a pretty good judge of character when I meet people on my trips and ONLY go to an external event if and ONLY IF I FEEL SAFE and IF and ONLY IF I am CERTAIN to have a SAFE GUARANTEED ride back to my temporary residence…! In addition, just to expand on the topic, I ONLY drink VIRGINS, meaning: NON-ALCOHOLIC cocktails (this is at least the meaning in the USA) and please, do make sure to see that the bartender has actually poured the drink/drinks in your glass directly from the bottle and right in front of you…! I also ONLY ACCEPT FREE VIRGINS offered to me IF I am right there at the bar, with the person who is offering it to me (I have only so far been offered by men when traveling abroad, as my girlfriends and I treat each other to drinks back home) and ALWAYS when the bartender once again pours it in your glass…! I must add here, that MOST if not ALL of my out-of-resort outings have entailed private exclusive ones, where one MUST BE on the event’s Guest List…!


3. Explore a couple of restaurants at the proximity and/or outside of where you are staying…! I usually book one of the hotel’s or resort’s car services’ WITH driver included, in order to have him (I have never had a female private car service driver abroad so far) come back to pick me up and drive me back to my hotel…!  I have found that the same hotel or resort drivers tend to be highly respectful and courteous when they know that you are a client of the hotel or resort you have chosen to stay at and also act as your private bodyguard at times, which is absolutely okay with me…😉 as they are ensuring my SAFETY…! I also am a really good tipper 🙃! There is furthermore a comfort level on both sides (at least for me when I travel alone) as one is not “dubious” or fearful of the “what if”s as the driver knows ALL TOO WELL, that I am a client at the hotel he works for and that “all hail will break loose” if he is to do whatever with the hotel’s clients…! This, most especially as a citizen of an economically “powerful” industrialized nation, as my Consulate will be looking for me at some point…! Especially as well, as a Public Online Person…! …And so will my close only other sister living in the United States like myself; as well as my numerous longtime friends and my present partner…!!! -Need I type more…😉???!!!


…But here again, I need to emphasize that I have NEVER EVER throughout All of my Traveling Years, have had to wonder or second guess any of the hotel private drivers I have hired directly affiliated to the hotel.. (And I VERY MUCH PRAY that things stay this way)! …A handful of other Solo Female and Male Travelers of various race, have most unfortunately had very bad encounters which could have truly ended up in death but if my memory does not fail me, these drivers were not directly affiliated to the hotel or resort they were staying at…! Also, the private parties I have so far attended abroad, tend to be located in residential upscale neighborhoods… I ONLY go to non-upscale neighborhood parties in my longtime home residential city: New York City and in any other city I know quite well because I have either previously lived there or I frequently used to travel there and there are several of those cities and countries 😀…!

4. Spend an evening at your resort’s beach bar or lounge, overlooking the tropical sea…! What I truly love and appreciate upon traveling anywhere at a four to a five star resort or hotel in the tropics, are the AMAZING scenic beach front views and the fact that these beaches are closed to the public as they exclusively are part of the resorts’ properties…! …This is moreover the exact reason why we are charged with extra “surcharge” or “amenities” fees on top of our hotel rooms’ costs..! It is just like when one has a condo, co-op or lives in a gated residential area…  There are FOA (amenities and maintenance charges) one must pay on a monthly basis! …For resorts, private apartments and/or villa rentals, it works in the same way…! …The clients are paying for their additional luxuries, quietness and privacy included in those extra fees…!  …At the four, five and the very few six star worlwide hotels and resorts, there are 24 hour security guards, surveying the beach and the entire gated compound…! …And this is why I have ALWAYS felt safe, spending evenings at the beach whether alone and/or with a few other people upon staying at a beach resort…! I however DO NOT over extend my evenings at the beach bar and lounge when I travel alone…! In these cases, I take my evening walks right after dinner time when the sun is still awakened! …Neither do I wear transparent revealing clothes, as to not awaken anyone’s obliterated or drunken physical appetite and lust! Please, do withhold in mind that as a longtime expatriate and traveler (since my very birth with my beloved mother and sisters), I am one hundred percent FULLY aware that there is this global horrible sad myth about MOST Black Female Women traveling ALONE or only traveling with one or two other equally black females…!!! That assumption is that we are either traveling for SEX or as actual SEX WORKERS…! …This, even when we are dressed to the nines…!!!  …Unless we are “chauffeured” everywhere we go or until one makes it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR with direct verbal or non-verbal communication that this is ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE…!!! Thank God for me, I am absolutely fluent speaking, reading & writing) in four languages and this makes it easier to  communicate in the languages I am fluent in, whenever I find myself in the countries where these languages are spoken! …As a result, I have NEVER welcomed: eye winks, long stares, lingering smiles, sexually assumed or implied staring looks and comments… And I NEVER WILL for that matter…! I only speak to hotel & resorts male fellow clients when I am alone, (as one never initially knows) when and ONLY when a polite respectful nod, word or conversation has already occurred at the lobby or while lounging for a couple of hours by the pool or at the beach…! Still yet, with the CLEAR UNDERSTANDING that NOTHING ELSE IS TO BE EXPECTED by my male counterpart if he is heterosexual…! Things are EASIER at present as I am involved in a loving exclusive relationship (my barely handful of relationships have ALL been monogamous and exclusive by the way) with my present male partner and come right upfront and let any heterosexual male counterpart who approaches me, know this…! …I do know for a fact as well that other female solo travelers ftom other ethnicities, skin colour and race have experienced the same! …For I myself, also follow a handful of female Solo Bloggers of whom two or three of them actually indirectly motivated me to begin my own blog, amongst other factors (please, feel free to read my “About Irene Inspirational Travels” Blog Section to find out more about why and how I decided to begin my very own Travel Blog 😁)! I nonetheless justifiably feel that Black Solo Female Travelers get sexually harassed in a more NEGATIVE, AGGRESSIVE and DIFFERENT manner than our other female counterparts…! …THE “NEGATIVE” part is moreso TRUE, if it is automatically assumed by the aggressor/aggresors that the female is “MOST DEFINITELY” from an African country  and/or from Haiti…!!! …I personally for the most part, do mention in our initial conversation that my country of origin is a French speaking African country…! Though I sometimes mention my country of origin, I do not feel the “NEED TO” to mention it at other times, depending on either the BLATANT IGNORANCE or the EDUCATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC KNOWLEDGE of my interlocutor…!!! I am furthermore EXTREMELY PROUD of being from my country of origin: The Democratic Republic of Congo 😚 and PROUDER STILL, of the WONDERFUL, AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE INTERNATIONAL presently deceased & extremely dearly missed MOTHER I had and the equally international WONDERFUL AMAZING INCREDIBLE EDUCATION SHE has bestowed on my sisters and on myself..😊.!!! -How could I not…! SHE is THE ONE who nourished my travel desires and passions as equally and as MUCH as she herself was IMPASSIONED by her own World Travels throughout our lives until she passed away…😔! …And she will FOREVER live within me until our spirits reunite again…! ..And even though I VERY MUCH enjoy my beach nights in the evenings with or without my partner, relatives, acquaintances and/or friends; I usually choose to have a last stroll in order to have a last look at the Beautiful, Breathtaking Scenic Photographic Landscape (even though I might also be leaving on that last strolling seaside evening’s crack of dawn 🙄 but no worries…! I barely have missed a flight since I have started to travel alone as an adult 😃), with a couple of mosquito bites amidst my Eco-Friendly Organic anti-mosquito spray…. 🤗🤗🤗🤗…!!! …But all jokes aside, strolling by the beach at night or spending some time at its bar/lounge with a virgin drink or simply lounging by the main resort’s swimming pool, has MOST CERTAINLY become a Spiritual Inner Being Soothing and Replenishing Ritual for me as it is truly where my soul finds itself the Most Serene, Contemplative and     Peaceful….🙂! …Which most probably makes one both, wonder and ponder: -So why do  I still live in The Big Apple…🤔😐🤔…!? Well… simply because I ABSOLUTELY LOVOOOOOVE its ENERGY and VIBES, when I am steadfastly temporarily set PUT for a couple or several months at a time as I am solely a PART-TIME as opposed to a FULL-TIME Travel Blogger…😉 because I also am an International Positive Life Skills’ Motivational Speaker, Educational Health Presenter and a Spoken Words’ Artist 😀!

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