One thing that I have failed to disclose about myself, from my long-tern traveling and living experience in three different continents, is that I looooooooooooooooove to try different local and ethnic foods… 😀! 😉! 😀!  I truly strongly furthermore believe that food, whether it be: the appetizer, main course or dessert is most assuredly an integral component of one’s traveling experiences as much as immersing oneself in the country’s local customs and traditions…!  This is the precise reason why I decided to have my IXth blog article on my Dominican Republic Trip, about my experience with the different foods throughout my stay 😉…! Once again, as I have mentioned in some of my previous blogs, most of my articles are so far from a tourist perspective as opposed to that of an expatriate’s or resident’s one…!  My typical stay in a country presently is between a week to ten days as I am only a part-time Free-Lance Travel Blogger (which I always keep on stating in some of my blog articles…) as I am a Motivational Speaker, Healthy Life Skills’ Presenter and a Writer amongst others! I moreover really do my very best to try different places (cafes, local and international restaurants as well as the resort’s food)! I, myself furthermore originally being from a tropical country and having lived in France, Canada as well as in several other tropical countries and various states within the United States of America for a significant length of time (a month to a year to two full years), my taste bud has most certainly been able to be open-minded and inviting to multiple food scents and flavours eversince my earliest childhood 😉…!


Delicious Dessert…!

Just like in any highly frequented tourist countries, Puerto Plata offers a multiple of choices for one to go eat 😊! Indeed, from the various high end resort priced international restaurants to the extremely affordable local restaurants…! I solely stayed at Playa Dorada’s area (apart from my sightseeing travel tours) on this very first trip to The Dominican Republic and can therefore only relate to my eating experiences at Playa Dorada, San Felipe’s City Central and at more remote areas during my sightseeing tours which was ONE hundred percent absolutely excellent and exquisite…! I also wish to add that Playa Dorada’s Blue Bay Exclusive Adult Resort and Spa, has three restaurants right next to the resort, less then five minutes’ walking literally!  I experienced one of them with the Russian-Canadian female (also a Solo Traveler) whom I had met within the first two days of my arrival for my week long stay. (Please, refer to my previous blog article about The Nightlife in Puerto Plata as well as my article on Traveling Solo)!  I  very much enjoyed the food at Blue Bay’s resort as well, which gives an eclectic choice of international dishes at its large buffet service during its flexible breakfast, lunch and dinner time…! When sightseeing for an entire afternoon or day, I was able to try out some local food…  But then again, not only do I live in the Big Apple (New York City) and have been living here for twenty+ some years, where I have full access to Dominican Typical Authentic food but I also have the great privilege to have had longterm life lasting Dominican friends… 😀! 🙃! 😀!  …As a result, I already knew everything about real Dominican food 😊!

I will not make this blog as lengthy and as long as I usually make them 😌!  …I however will adamantly state here that I have NEVER met a person who DOES NOT like Dominican Authentic food… Whether this be at a party, at a Dominican friend’s family’s home, at a social event and/or in the Dominican Republic itself…! Just like in all countries, small details of the way and manner a dish is: baked, cooked and/or presented, it can slightly vary from a region to another but the basic and main ingredients and remain the very same…!!!  My advice therefore for anyone who travels/is planning to travel outside of their very own country/countries and/or to a new country/region and in relative to this very article; to this Beautiful Tropical Spanish Speaking Caribbean Island, is to really keep a more than open-mind and to try the many eating and food options…  This most especially, relative to local Dominican food!