Hello There 🤗! 🤗! 🤗!

My name is Irene and I am bran new to the Blogging world as an International Traveling Blogger, Motivational Speaker, Cultural Educator and as a Travel Influencer…😃!😃!😃!  -Why did I at last decide to take the leap and launch my very own Traveling Blog…??? The answer is quite simple 🙂! 🙂! 🙂!

I have been following several bloggers & influencers myself from different walks of life and realized by reading their blogs and stories, that I too most definitely had my own stories to tell & blogs to write about…! This, more evidently so as my top outmost life PASSIONS include: Traveling, Writing, Culturally Educating people & Photography…! …And I realized that this is exactly what Traveling Blogging is about event though I am still diligently working on my Photography skills and have not yet invested in a drone, to capture thise dreamy “Conde-Nast magazine like” print pictures 😊! 😊! 😊! …As a however more internal and somewhat introvert human being, I needed the encouragement and gentle nudge of some of my close friends, to finally take the plunge…! This, as internet is presently most unfortunately overrated, overloaded with bloggers & vloggers… Some: Phenomenal & Outstanding… And some disappointedly just trying to make that fast money and therefore not really nurturing and feeding their respective blogs with quality contents… Well, this last type of blogger is most assuredly not the one I identify with as the purpose of my blog is simply to share my personal traveling experiences & journeys with you so that you too, can feel inspired to pursue your outmost lifelong dreams & goals no matter what they are and even if they do not include much traveling as contrary to popular belief, I am fully aware that not everyone loves to travel or are able to travel according to their respective life circumstances…!!! …My core belief nonetheless is that every healthy and sane adult human being should have a spiritually positively self-motivating Passion…!!! Furthermore, what is the point of waking-up in the morning to not fully live our lives but rather, to just routinely, nonchantly go along with its motions…???  This precious life of ours is way too short to not live it with GUSTO & PASSION… 🙂! 🙂! 🙂! …Oh please, do very much trust me as I type that I too, know all too well that the paths and roads to accomplish one’s dreams and passions are at times rocky, rainy. windy and uncertain…! But what I have learned as well through my numerous life hurdles, barriers and challenges is that after the mirky clouds, storms and winds; come a beautiful multi-coloured rainbow and a bright vivid sun shining within ourselves, every time we reach a milestone we NEVER thought to actually possibly either be reachable  or attainable! Mine is Traveling in many countries of my choice throughout the four corners of our world as much as I safely can for the rest of my life and actually LIVING through my travels…! …And simultaneously sharing them with as many human beings scattered throughout our globe that I possibly can, via my present hereby traveling blog… 😊! This, in order to inspire through my writing, photos, my worldwide traveling journeys and experiences! …Henceforth my blog’s name: “ireneinspirationaltravels.” You may follow me via both: Facebook and Instagram🤗! You will nonetheless find me via instagram as: irene____inspirational_travels…😉…! So please do accompany me, do follow me and do very much most certainly enjoy the ride 😊! 😊! 😊! You can therefore follow me and invite your beloved family and friends to follow me and my travel journeys’ experiences😊!  Let me please inspire each one of you, to reach for your own respective very unique BRIGHT SHINNING STARS  as  long as you are VERY MUCH still ALIVE 🤗!!!