My Montreal’s 150th Anniversary Trip PART III:

…Well here I was after so many long gone years…! I kept on repeating to myself interiorly… My airplane and flight swiftly landed after some pertubance (which the pilot had been kind enough to announce in advance). I was as well, explaining to my neighbour flight passenger, who was flying from San Antonio on her own for the very first time outside of tbe United States, to Europe in London and a few months pregnant… We passed customs together as we had been conversing at length throughout our less than two hours’ flight… And I had to make sure that she successfully transferred to her connecting flight, having to once again pass through customs considering that she was pregnant, after she did a currency change… Once she spoke to her husband on the phone to re-assure him that all was well and that she had me say hello to him via skype so that he could see that I looked harmless (LOL)!; and we exchanged personal contact numbers and said our good-byes we parted ways… I felt my heart pounding a little faster as my feet led me to Montreal-Pierre Eliott Trudeau’s International Airport’s exit’s automatic doors where I awaited at the Taxicab queue since both of my cell phones were out of batteries and I therefore could not call an Uber cab… :(!

My Montreal’s 150th Anniversary’s Trip PART I:

As odd as it seems as an International traveler and a New York city semi-permanent resident, I had actually not returned to Montreal since my youth…! “-Why so…?” Some my ask themselves… The answer is quite simple… I have been traveling to and have lived in other places overseas situated in Europe, Africa, Central America, the Caribbean and even in several other states within the U.S…. Also, I think that many might agree that the closer another country geographically is from another and the more often, we strongly believe that we have all the time to visit it… Be it a country, a site, a landmark or a monument… I however did not wish to miss Montreal’s 150th Anniversary’s Celebration and as I in fact was in my city of residence: New York city for a couple of months, I booked my round-trip ticket and affordable stay as soon as I could… :)!

My youth and childhood memories of this multi-cultural city (with an estimated population of 1.75 million inhabitants), were therefore buried deeply within the shelves and cabinets of my mind. As my flight landed at The Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport, I felt a sort of adventurous exciting rush to being back at last on Canadian soil after such a long hiatus :)!


Hello There :)! My name is Irene and I am bran new to the Blogging world as an International Traveling Blogger. -Why did I at last decide to take the leap and launch my very own Traveling Blog…??? The answer is quite simple :)! I have been following several bloggers myself, from different walks of life and realized by reading their blogs and stories, that I too most definitely had my own stories to tell & blogs to write about… This, more evidently so as my top outmost life PASSIONS include: Traveling, Writing & Photography…  And I realized that this is exactly what Traveling Blogging is all about :)! :)! :)! As a however more internal and somewhat introvert human being, I needed the encouragement and gentle nudge of some of my close friends to finally take the plunge! …This, as the internet is presently over loaded with bloggers & vloggers… Some: Phenomenal & Outstanding… And some most unfortunately, just trying to make that fast money and therefore, not really nurturing and feeding their blogs’ content… Well, this last type of blogger is most assuredly not the one I identify with as the purpose of my blog is simply to share my personal traveling experiences & journeys with you so that you too, can feel inspired to pursue your outmost lifelong dreams & goals no matter what they are and even if they do not include much traveling as contrary to popular belief, I am fully aware that not everyone loves to travel!!! ….But my core belief nonetheless is that every healthy & sane adult human being should have a spiritually positively self-motivating Passion…!  Otherwise, what is the point of waking up in the morning to not fully live our lives but rather, just go along with its motions….???  This precious life of ours is way to short to not live it with GUSTO & PASSION… :)! :)! :)!  Oh please do very much trust me as I know all too well that the paths & roads to accomplish one’s dreams & passions will many a times be: rocky, rainy, windy & uncertain…! …But what I have learned as well through my life hurdles, barriers & challenges is that after the mirky clouds, storms & rains; comes a beautiful multi-coloured rainbow… And this multi-coloured rainbow is a vivid portrayal of one’s perseverance, achievements & accomplishments as the sun sets itself above, to lighten the beautiful rainbow…! …And this precisely is the reason to follow our very goals, dreams and passions….!  …To constantly witness and feel that multi-coloured rainbow and bright vivid sun shining within ourselves, everytime we reach a milestone we NEVER thought to actually possibly be reachable & attainable! Mine is Traveling & Living through my travels….  And simultaneously, sharing them with as many other human beings scattered throughout the four corners of our world that I possibly can via my present hereby traveling blog…! This, in order to inspire through my photos, through my traveling journeys & experiences…! Henceforth my blog’s rightful name: “irene inspirational travels…” So please, do accompany me, do follow me and do very much enjoy the ride!